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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Left Coast
Member since: Mon Oct 10, 2016, 06:19 PM
Number of posts: 8,161

About Me

A Reformed Republican who has seen evil and shook its hand. (Nixon) He now spends his time trying to change the world for the better.

Journal Archives

Only two weeks left!

WaPo opinion: Raphael Warnock's Georgia critics don't understand Black churches

That some may find this form of Christian witness troubling makes sense, considering that many preachers in America specialize in positive affirmations and promises of personal and national prosperity. It can be easier to find comfort in the conciliatory tones and feel-good phrases that can be found in their churches on Sunday mornings. Some see those who appease and affirm the cultural markers of power as more hopeful than clergy who channel the seeming doom and gloom of the jeremiad. But in the prophetic tradition, hope comes from our ability to confront the worst of ourselves as a nation, progressing toward our better selves, not from sentimentality or naive optimism.

When Warnock inveighs against politicians who “pick the pockets of the poor” to “line the pockets of the ultrarich,” that doesn’t make him anti-capitalist. He’s making the charge that certain policies and policymakers willfully ignore the concerns of the most defenseless among us and insisting that our nation can do better. Saying “nobody can serve God and the military” at the same time isn’t a shot at the faith of our troops. It’s a reminder to the faithful of the teaching in Zechariah 4:6 that true victory, according to God, comes “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit” — that ultimate hope is grounded in love and justice, not weapons of warfare.

These appeals to love and justice have animated progressive Christians to fight to protect rights and expand opportunities for the socially marginalized. This has been true during every epoch of this nation: Abolishing slavery, women securing the vote, defending labor rights and dismantling segregation are just a few examples. In this tradition, clergy must call out the folly of power, industrial efficiency or wealth predicated on the unjust treatment of any segment of society. Whether the ill is human trafficking or the warehousing of the vulnerable by lucrative privatized prisons, “dishonest money dwindles away” (Proverbs 13:11).

IMO, this is a very well written piece that clearly explains the differences between the 1) Biblical truth of black fundamentalist churches, and 2) the prosperity gospel of Joel Osteen & Franklin Graham.

It's only one week plus one Scaramuchi!

18 days left till DFT is out of our government.

We need more cowbell

The kids all came home for NYE. All were musicians in school, and they found their mother's cowbell. OMG! It's still 2 hours to midnight and the cowbell is in full bloom.
Let's hope the Trumpanzees don't like cowbell sounds.

The Father

This is a movie that will stick with you for days after. Anthony Hopkins plays an octogenarian who is dealing with dementia. The movie is adapted from the play, and directed by the playwright. This will win several awards, IMO. Anthony Hopkins was spectacular as 'Anthony', and the director helped us to really see dementia from the viewpoint of the victim.
Not a long movie, only an hour and a half. Well worth your time.

How can I prove I've been vaccinated?

Of course I haven't (yet), but once that's done, how will I be able to prove that?
How about vaccination records for Healthcare or transportation workers?
How about first responders?
As travel between countries opens up, proof of this may be required. What agreements are in place to document this?

I have no answers, but I want to start the conversation. Hopefully, it will be picked up by folks who can really do something about it.

How the Swinomish tribe has pioneered the fight against climate change

Sorry for the paywall, but it's still a good story to share.
For 10,000 years, the Swinomish tribe has fished the waters of northwestern Washington, relying on the bounty of salmon and shellfish not only as a staple of its diet but as a centerpiece of its culture. At the beginning of the fishing season, the tribe gathers on the beach for a First Salmon ceremony, a feast honoring the return of the migratory fish that binds the generations of a tribe that calls itself the People of the Salmon.

At the ceremony’s conclusion, single salmon are ferried by boat in four directions — north to Padilla Bay, east to the Skagit River, south to Skagit Bay and west to Deception Pass — and eased into the water with a prayer that they will tell other salmon how well they were treated.
In recent years, though, the tribe’s harvest, diminished by vanishing habitat and warming waters fueled by climate change, hasn’t been sufficient to feed the hundreds of people who come to pay homage to their ancestors and to the fish that sustained them.

“We don't have that abundance anymore,” said Lorraine Loomis, an elder who has managed the tribal fishery for 40 years. “To get ceremonial fish, we buy it and freeze it.”

The article goes on to explain many innovative things that the tribe is doing to help restore the environment around them. Many other tribes are coming to visit and understand how they can adopt these solutions for their own worlds.

No Apple Cup this year

Too many Cougs have tested positive for Covid19. It was possibly canceled in sports discussions on Saturday, Confirmed by both sports programs on Sunday.
Sorry, I have no link. Saw it on KIRO7 news.
Possibly a replay could occur late in December.

Twitter goes after Instagram

According to an article in the San Jose Mercury, Twitter will now allow "Fleets", tweets that disappear after 24 hours.
Can this be used in a nefarious way by popular Twitter personalities, especially those in politics?
Can the "Way back engine" capture these forever?

The Health Dept is falling down

My daughter graduated 2 months ago from Olympic College and passed her state certification tests. She is now a medical assistant and should be in high demand. However, the state's Health Dept has not been able to complete her cert paperwork and get it to the clinic that wants to hire her.
As of this morning, 6 of the 7 MAs in her clinic have come down with Covid19, so she is needed even more. She finally got through to some minor twit at the Health Dept this afternoon who mentioned that Olympic College hasn't sent her transcripts yet. Grrrr. Such screw ups, really.
The good news is that she hasn't been able to get covid herself.
Apparently, all WA state health Dept certifications are 3 months behind, and that goes for all level of medical professionals. At this point they are allowed to keep working on expired licenses.
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