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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
December 27, 2017

I know this is a lot to ask, but can we just FOCUS on getting Dems Elected?

When I see threads like this one:


All I can think of is - Is the story this is based on a Russian plant or a GOP plant?

First, let me say I am not trying to call out or shame the OP for starting the thread. I don't fault you one bit for seeing that story, being disgusted and posting about it on DU. You are absolutely right to be disgusted and so is everyone else.

The thing I want us to think about very critically though is this. "Is it worth our distraction away from GOTV efforts and grass roots campaigning to take time and spend it on this thing right now?" I want us to ask that question of every provocative article that gets posted on the web and in every other media. I want us to ask the question "Is this a Russian or GOP planted item to distract us from the real goal - electing Democrats?" We have seen that even left-leaning publications have had stories planted to cause distraction and discord.

I see a lot of back and forth in that sort thread where we fight among ourselves on an issue we can't even do anything about right now. Can we do anything about a real impeachment vote right now? NO. We can't. So why are we squabbling about it and bringing up how Bill Clinton was treated? That does ZERO good and just gets people upset over something we cannot control right now.

I would just ask that we FOCUS on the real goal right now. Get Democrats elected. From local and state to national office. Until we accomplish that everything else is just so much mishmash.

December 23, 2017

Memphis City Council Outsmarts TN Legislature - Confederate Monuments Come down.

Finding A Legal Loophole, Memphis Takes Down Its Confederate Statues

It was a long time in the making, but when the statues of Confederate figures finally came down in Memphis, Tenn., it was quick work.

On Wednesday, the city sold two of its city parks – one with a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, the other featuring a statue of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on horseback — for $1,000 each.


The move did not sit well with Republicans in the Tennessee House, who called for an investigation on Thursday.

"We are governed by the rule of law here in Tennessee and these actions are a clear infringement of this principle and set a dangerous precedence for our state," House Majority Leader Glen Casada and House Republican caucus chairman Ryan Williams wrote in a statement, according to the Commercial Appeal.

link: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/21/572654031/finding-a-legal-loophole-memphis-takes-down-its-confederate-statues

This is how you deal with Republicans. You use the same sort of tactics that the GOP is using in the US Congress and across the nation in state legislatures. The only rule of law they believe in is one in their favor. They don't much like when others play the way they do.

November 4, 2017

Ryan and McConnell's Long Game Got Screwed by Putin

They all seem to have been in on the Russian meddling and money. That would make perfect sense for why nothing was done about it and they allowed Trump to become the nominee.

I really don't think they (Ryan, McConnell et. al.) thought Trump would win. I believe they thought that a Hillary administration would allow them to do investigations until mid-terms and then pick up a veto-proof majority due to all the bad press. That would have given them the perfect excuse to delay the Obamacare repeal because of a Democratic President. They could proceed with their agenda after mid-terms unimpeded.

45 screwed it all up by winning. I think the Russians put it over on them - so to speak.

It's the Supreme Court nomination that bugs me a little with my theory. McConnell announced right a way that they would block Obama. For my theory to be accurate they would have to want to possibly leave the seat open for years or they thought that they'd take a chance on Trump pulling it out and being able to control him. They are getting a lot of their agenda done in the background behind the diversions. Just not the major parts.

October 2, 2017

Trump is probably elated that Puerto Rico is off the front page

I know, I know that sounds really harsh. Unfortunately, I actually believe it. I firmly believe he is such a sociopath that the "good" he will find in the shootings is that it takes heat off of him.

September 25, 2017

My post on my FaceBook "friends" accounts who are angry with players

I'm about to get unfriended and a lot of hate I bet. I keep posting this on people's facebook when I see them complaining about the NFL and the players.

Now that everyone is ticked off and talking about it. Can we discuss why this all began in the first place? It wasn't because a bunch of players just decided to show disrespect to the flag. Which, by the way, is not just a symbol of our service men and women. It is, as Terry Bradshaw said, as symbol of the ideals of our country.

The idea behind the protests has nothing to do with a lack of support for our troops. It has everything to do with the racism that still exists in our country. The fact that African Americans still suffer injustice at the hands of the police and the court system on a regular basis. It is probably difficult for them to stand in respect of a symbol of something they feel they are not really a part of and from which they are intentionally excluded.

I am sure my post will not be appreciated but there it is anyway.

September 2, 2017

Harvey Discussion with MAGA co-worker

My recent conversation with a MAGA co-worker who often takes the chance to tell us he is a Christian. I didn't start this one - he did. But I finished it:

Him: Wow, did you see all that stuff happening in Houston?

Me: Yes, horrible, isn’t it?

Him: Yes. Did you see how Trump stepped up and promised that the government would take care of everyone? That’s a REAL President.

Me: Hmm, I thought you’d be upset about the government interfering in a local matter. I mean, you were the one who told me that government is NEVER the answer when I suggested single-payer health care. That private enterprise can ALWAYS do better than the government. (yes, I baited him.)

Him: Oh, that’s different. A lot of people’s homes have been destroyed in Houston and there are lives at stake because of all the flooding. They HAD to do something. It’s too big for the local people.

Me: Oh really? (Mind spinning here with all the obvious problems in that statement given his earlier staunch defense of the free market as the solution to everything). So, there ARE things that are too big or not well-suited to private enterprise after all?

Him: Sure. A natural disaster is one of those things.

Me: So, I guess timing is everything.

Him: Yes, it is.

Me: Right. So, when a whole bunch of family’s lives are being ruined all at once and they are losing their homes it’s a disaster. Because the circumstances are beyond their control. The government should do something. Help out and also protect them from price gouging by private businesses. But when one family at a time is having its life ruined and losing its home over an illness then it’s okay. The government should stand by and let the free market take its course. Who cares if families here and there are ruined one at a time, over time.

Him: That’s not what I said.

Me: Oh, yes, that is exactly what you’ve said.

Him: No, you don’t understand. People can choose to live better lives and take care of themselves so they don’t get sick. The government shouldn’t help out people who don’t take care of themselves. It’s not the same thing.

Me: Really? You mean people can’t chose to not build in flood plains and hurricane zones and they can’t just buy insurance on the free market to cover their losses?

Him: You’re being silly. It’s not the same thing.

Me: You mean people choose to have cancer or be in a life-altering accident? They choose to have an illness in a country where we pay 3 times as much for health care in our free market as other civilized countries do in their single-payer systems? And get worse outcomes overall.

Him: No. It’s just not the same thing.

Me: Hmm, the outcome is the same in both situations. A family is ruined and the country worse off for it.

Him: You just don’t understand. It’s not the same.

Me: (Shaking my head and walking away) You are absolutely right. I do not understand.

August 17, 2017

The Left is Right! - TLIR - A new Slogan

We are in a sad state of affairs. The country got taken over by Make America Great Again or MAGA.

Well, the country is ALREADY GREAT. It doesn't need to be taken back from anyone or back to an imaginary 50's Beaver Cleaver time that never existed.

I think the slogan, The Left is RIGHT! is a good start at branding for the next series of elections.

We can add to it like this:

The Left is RIGHT!
- Right about civil rights
- Right about women's rights
- Right about ..... (put what you wish here since we are right about most things).

So I want to trademark the slogan and TLIR for use before some neo-Nazi does.

I was thinking about putting up a gofundme to pay for it because it's more expensive than I expected.

What are your thoughts?

August 4, 2017

MoveOn Petition in Support of Booker's Marijuana Leagalization

In case anyone wants to sign and share the support for Booker's legislation legalizing Marijuana.

Here it is:

Subject: It's time to reverse decades of failed drug policy!


I signed a petition to The United States Senate which says:

"Add your name to the Marijuana Justice Act, which will remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances and look to reverse the decades of failed policies that disproportionately target communities of color. "

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

link: http://pac.petitions.moveon.org/sign/its-time-to-reverse-decades?source=s.em.cp&r_by=10725033|


July 4, 2017

PSA, How to Disable Auto-Play in Browser so you don't vomit when Trump is on

Moderators, I think this should be here and not in Computers and Internet.

If you are like me, and want to scratch your eyes and ears away every time a website starts automatically playing Trump I have a possible solution. I couldn't stand to listen to W and now 45 is far worse.

in Chrome, install the extension Disable HTML5 Autoplay


So far this works pretty well.


There are instructions for older versions and flash as well - just search for them

June 30, 2017

Here Comes the War Distraction: CNN - Trump: US patience with the North Korean regime 'is over'

Here it comes. Trump's only method left to distract the country from his Russia scandals and his despicable personality.

CNN Headline: Trump: US patience with the North Korean regime 'is over'

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump, speaking alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in, declared Friday US patience with the North Korean regime "is over."

"The era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed," Trump said in a statement from the Rose Garden. "And, frankly, that patience is over."



You know his tiny hands are itching to be a War President. Just think about how everyone said he was "Presidential" when he bombed a bunch of civilians in Syria. Frightfully, N. Korea has nukes and so does tRump.

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