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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
January 16, 2017

My Former Fraternity Brother Posted on FB how fun it is to watch Lib heads explode

Well, I had to let him know better.

He posted: "Its so fun to be deplorable and sit back and watch and listen to your lib heads explode."

My response:

I am certainly a West Coast Liberal. I don't drink lattes but I do drive a Volvo.

But, my head and that of others, is not exploding. I have to say nothing surprises me anymore. Certainly not Trump's win in the election. Certainly not his immediate about face on campaign promises.

In fact, I'm having fun watching the heads of Trump voters explode as they realize they have been taken for a ride. They've been suckered.

Explode as they realize the ACA where THEY get their insurance is actually the same thing as "Obamacare" where all those OTHER PEOPLE (non-whites) got their insurance. That the ACA health insurance that saved granny from cancer (the cancer from the coal dust and other industrial waste) will now be taken away - no more chemo for granny. Too bad, so sad. She already lead a full life anyway. She served the only purpose a woman is good for - giving their husbands children. RIP granny.

Explode as they realize Mexico is never going to pay for a wall that is not even feasible. And congress is not going to vote for higher tariffs on Mexico or anyone else.

Explode as they realize all those coal jobs are never coming back no matter what Trump promised. Newsflash - renewables are now as economic as fossil fuels. And the rest of the world that actually believes the science on climate change is moving to renewables and away from fossil fuels. For goodness sakes, freaking TEXAS is a leader in solar jobs. Catch up coal country. Nether McConnell nor Trump is going to save you. The coal barrons have these neat giant machines that let them rip the top of your mountains off for coal. With very few people to operate them. They dump the cancer-causing waste in your drinking water and don't bother employing you.

Sure, China is importing more coal. But hey, Trump wants to muck up relations with them right away over Taiwan and the South China Sea. Not too good for business.

And "drain the swamp?" That was so funny when he said it on the campaign trail and even funnier now that he has the richest, whitest cabinet since Reagan. Goldman Sachs is delighted to be so represented on the cabinet and in the administration..

Speaking of St. Ronnie Reagan (The President with the MOST scandals and the largest number of convicted administration members - more than Nixon. I'm betting Trump will exceed both of them.) I'm sure St. Ronnie would have something to say about Trump's inappropriate relations with Russia. It really does appear Golden Boy Trump is Putin's bitch. Pun intended on the golden part.

Far from exploding, I'm laughing. And he's not even sworn in yet. This is going to be a hilarious 4 years. Trump voters wanted the reality show host - now they have him. Hope they enjoy their new reality.


January 12, 2017

RED states - Nifty Graphic I just created. Let them OWN this.


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