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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
November 4, 2017

Ryan and McConnell's Long Game Got Screwed by Putin

They all seem to have been in on the Russian meddling and money. That would make perfect sense for why nothing was done about it and they allowed Trump to become the nominee.

I really don't think they (Ryan, McConnell et. al.) thought Trump would win. I believe they thought that a Hillary administration would allow them to do investigations until mid-terms and then pick up a veto-proof majority due to all the bad press. That would have given them the perfect excuse to delay the Obamacare repeal because of a Democratic President. They could proceed with their agenda after mid-terms unimpeded.

45 screwed it all up by winning. I think the Russians put it over on them - so to speak.

It's the Supreme Court nomination that bugs me a little with my theory. McConnell announced right a way that they would block Obama. For my theory to be accurate they would have to want to possibly leave the seat open for years or they thought that they'd take a chance on Trump pulling it out and being able to control him. They are getting a lot of their agenda done in the background behind the diversions. Just not the major parts.

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