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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
December 27, 2017

I know this is a lot to ask, but can we just FOCUS on getting Dems Elected?

When I see threads like this one:


All I can think of is - Is the story this is based on a Russian plant or a GOP plant?

First, let me say I am not trying to call out or shame the OP for starting the thread. I don't fault you one bit for seeing that story, being disgusted and posting about it on DU. You are absolutely right to be disgusted and so is everyone else.

The thing I want us to think about very critically though is this. "Is it worth our distraction away from GOTV efforts and grass roots campaigning to take time and spend it on this thing right now?" I want us to ask that question of every provocative article that gets posted on the web and in every other media. I want us to ask the question "Is this a Russian or GOP planted item to distract us from the real goal - electing Democrats?" We have seen that even left-leaning publications have had stories planted to cause distraction and discord.

I see a lot of back and forth in that sort thread where we fight among ourselves on an issue we can't even do anything about right now. Can we do anything about a real impeachment vote right now? NO. We can't. So why are we squabbling about it and bringing up how Bill Clinton was treated? That does ZERO good and just gets people upset over something we cannot control right now.

I would just ask that we FOCUS on the real goal right now. Get Democrats elected. From local and state to national office. Until we accomplish that everything else is just so much mishmash.

December 23, 2017

Memphis City Council Outsmarts TN Legislature - Confederate Monuments Come down.

Finding A Legal Loophole, Memphis Takes Down Its Confederate Statues

It was a long time in the making, but when the statues of Confederate figures finally came down in Memphis, Tenn., it was quick work.

On Wednesday, the city sold two of its city parks – one with a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, the other featuring a statue of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on horseback — for $1,000 each.


The move did not sit well with Republicans in the Tennessee House, who called for an investigation on Thursday.

"We are governed by the rule of law here in Tennessee and these actions are a clear infringement of this principle and set a dangerous precedence for our state," House Majority Leader Glen Casada and House Republican caucus chairman Ryan Williams wrote in a statement, according to the Commercial Appeal.

link: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/12/21/572654031/finding-a-legal-loophole-memphis-takes-down-its-confederate-statues

This is how you deal with Republicans. You use the same sort of tactics that the GOP is using in the US Congress and across the nation in state legislatures. The only rule of law they believe in is one in their favor. They don't much like when others play the way they do.

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