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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
June 23, 2018

We need to stop taking the Melania bait.

I feel very certain 45 sent her out in that coat on purpose. Full well hoping everyone would jump on the tone deaf story and change the headlines. It worked. At least for a while. Had the real issue of separating families been less emotional and less offensive it would have gone away.

We have to stop letting him drive the news his way. That is one thing he is really good at.

June 3, 2018

One argument against self-pardons - Noblity Prohibited

If I were arguing the case against Ghouliani on the thought that Presidents can pardon themselves one of the arguments I'd put forth to the court is that the Constitution forbids the awarding of titles of nobility. The intent there is not just that the President should not be called a king but that the President is NOT a king or monarch of any sort.

It should be embarrassing for an actual, licensed, attorney to make the argument the Ghouliani is making. But, since we've dumbed down US citizens they can count on the 45 cultists just going along without critical thought.

If Ghouliani's logic held, then it would be perfectly fine for Trump to murder Ruth Bader Ginsberg on 5th Avenue so he could appoint a new justice, then pardon himself of the Federal Crime for murdering a person appointed to a federal position. Then NY, as it currently stands, cannot prosecute him for the same crime.

That is so absurd that I cannot believe that even the most right-wing justices would want to set that sort of precedent. Where would this end? The President would, effectively, become a monarch.

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