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bitterross's Journal
bitterross's Journal
July 22, 2018

This is why religion is such a dangerous thing. WaPo article. "Judgment days"

They twist themselves into any sort of unnatural position to support the authority (in this case 45). These Southern Baptists, of whom I used to be one, are the worst hypocrites and most judgemental people I know. Racists, bigots and very happily ignorant. Getting more of an education than a high school diploma to them is "putting on airs" and getting into bed with Satan because you start to question things. Of trying to be "intellectually superior" for simply making a logical argument and then backing it up with links to the supporting facts. I have been accused of all these recently by some of my old classmates from home.

(sorry for the paywall link. Right-click and open in a private/incognito window to open the link)

“Oh, I feel like the Lord heard our prayers and gave us a second chance before the end times,” she had said a few days before, when she was working at the food pantry of the Alabama Crenshaw Baptist Association.

“I think they are trying to frame him,” she said, referring to the unflattering stories about the president.

It was a binary world, not just for Jewell Killough but for everyone sitting inside the sanctuary of First Baptist Church, who prayed all the time about how to navigate it.

There is no grey in their world. There is only what they are told to believe. They are to read the Bible but not question it when it contradicts itself or the things they do not understand. Not to try to interpret "God's" word on their own. They are to go to their pastor for all the answers. Thinking on one's own is just temptation from the devil.

These people display the problem with every fundamentalist in every religion.

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