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Member since: Wed Oct 26, 2016, 05:18 PM
Number of posts: 6,919

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Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

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Six of eight IDC members defeated in New York State primaries

I don't much like the wording of the title, but here it is...


Cuomo agrees not to run for pres...

Catch the Wave...in recognition of Andrew Gillum's primary win


'Bad economic theories that have guided the policies of both parties for more than 30 years'

Food for thought...just want to toss some economic realities into the political conversation. 'Economic policy agenda that necessarily balances the interests of business (the few) versus the interests of labor (the many)' is a losing platform and a recipe for inequality. Article is by Nick Hanauer, Seattle-based venture capitalist.


'Democrats need to stop balancing the economic interests of the top 2 percent against the interests of everyone else and start focusing on the needs of the majoritarian centeróthe 80 percent of families who have been left behind by 40 years of trickle-down economics. Raise wages now. Thatís the kind of pragmatic centrism the majority of Americans truly want, and that our economy needs.'

When are liberals finally going to boycott mainstream media?

It's a simple question, really. Putting aside foreign interference in the elections for a moment, the media is primarily responsible for encouraging Republican insanity and decades of false equivalence. Gump should have been toast after the Access Hollywood tape without the media's active assistance. But this problem isn't just a recent development. They have dictated the topics of discussion and the goalposts set on all public conversations for decades to the detriment of our country. Your thoughts?

Just heard this on NPR regarding guaranteed basic income

'Facebook founder Chris Hughes is Making the Case for a Guaranteed Basic Income'.


Don't know anything about his political views or anything, but to incorrectly paraphrase Winston Groom, Progressive is as Progressive does.

Edit* added link to ECP...https://economicsecurityproject.org/

How can I take a news site seriously when they keep chasing me with Prilosec and Symbicort ads

I know this is just a rant about 'another' news site, but acceptable choices for news seem to be shrinking daily. I cut the cable over a year ago, so I rely on the internet for news. I just stopped visiting the **** Post website after what must have been the hundredth time I got slammed with another Pharma ad...you know the type that won't go away even when you scroll away from it? They actually follow you down the page now. I avoid your forced video ads so now you send them chasing after me? I used to respect this site as a news source, but now it's all celebrity news, gossip and big Pharma ads. I'm outta here...

If we poison our children with hatred then the hard life is all that they'll know


Trollbots still very much hard at work


If I were in charge (thank God I'm not), I'd have a naval task force parked in the Baltic Sea and construct the only wall I'm interested in...the Great Firewall of Russia.

Your thoughts?

When is the time to say enough is enough?

Putin is not going to just go away. His total control of all media outlets and the voting process ensures that he's not going anywhere anytime soon. His opponents all mysteriously die from poisoning or other mysterious causes. Now all the agents of his recent meddling in the American political process are dying off from the same mysterious causes, closing up all of the loose ends. He is constantly testing our resolve while we flounder about arguing whether global warming is real. As he moves to add the former soviet republics to his criminal empire when are we going to say enough is enough? When the Russian's are in Ukraine? Latvia? Estonia? I served in the military and in most cases would never wish armed conflict on anyone, but when you are obviously being tested there comes a time to push back. A two-bit gangster in charge of a gas station with marginal military strength should not be able to call shots in Europe or the West.

We need to sever all diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation. Your thoughts?
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