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Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

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By 2050 more people will die from excessive heat than from auto accidents in parts of the U.S.

So where exactly is ground zero for climate change you may ask? Florida, Texas and Arizona.

If the estimates are high, maybe only 80 deaths per hundred thousand. If they are low, perhaps as many as 150 per hundred thousand. Currently there are ten deaths per hundred thousand from traffic accidents in the U.S. One alarming number...Coral Gables Florida...97% of real properties will experience flood damage by 2050. Let's not even mention Houston which regularly floods now even before major onset of global climate change. By then the wet-bulb temps will be so bad in Houston that you won't be able to work outside for more than a few hours at a time. Maricopa County Arizona is done...finito.

Yet people are still moving to these three states in large numbers to find work.

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