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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 01:23 PM
Number of posts: 18,127

Journal Archives

Tweety is interviewing Donna Brazille right now.

She stated that the 2016 election was not legitimate...agreeing with HRC.

On a lighter note, her hair is bright purple! Mine's bright red so I'm not criticizing...it's just interesting!

Under the radar credit reporting agency!

So my 78 year old mother in law recently subscribed to Dish Network for television services. She got a letter today from Dish thanking her for her business but darn it, they could not give her their best monthly rate because of her credit score. Here's the kicker, she has a credit score of 817! So what the heck? Well, Dish was referring to her credit score through the NCTUE - National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange. https://www.nctue.com/

NCTUE is a membership of companies that provide services (telecommunication, pay TV and utilities) and report and share data relative to their customers’ accounts - including your SSN. My mother in law didn't get Dish Network's best rate because she had little or no credit history with the NCTUE. This is largely because she doesn't manage her own cell phone account (her kids do that) and doesn't use pay per view services and while she does have internet through Century Link, prior to signing up with Dish, she didn't have TV at her home. Because she isn't a consumer of much media, they are dinging her on her monthly rate. She's fuming and so am I on her behalf.

You may call the NCTUE and request your credit report and score which my accountant recommended and you can also freeze your account. I requested mine today and will look for errors prior to freezing it as I have all my reports. The NCTUE is housed and managed by.....wait for it...EQUIFAX.
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