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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 01:23 PM
Number of posts: 18,127

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Looking for advice regarding a service issue at local car dealership, please.

I have a 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited that I bought new from my local Hyundai dealership. I just paid it off a couple months ago which may or may not be important. Anyway, this vehicle has a panoramic sunroof that began to have issues a month or so ago in that the motor seemed sluggish and slow to close. One day when I was out running errands, I had the sunroof open and went to close it and it would not close...it would stop about 8 inches before closing all the way and then pop back open. I drove my car over to the Hyundai dealer and since it was a Saturday, the service department was closed but one of the salesmen helped me manually close it. Thank goodness this is under warranty...I have just shy of 23,000 miles on my car.

I scheduled a service appointment the following Monday for the sunroof, a hood latch recall and an unrelated air conditioning issue. The dealership kept my car for a day and told me they'd have to order parts etc and that they'd need the car for a few days. I left the car with them on March 29th and told them to keep it the following week since I planned to be out of town and wouldn't need it until April 8th. I left my husband's phone # with them as a contact since I would be several time zones away. On April 8th, someone from the service team called my husband to say that the repair was very complicated and that they'd never had one of these panoramic sun roofs go bad, there are several motors involved and they'd have to remove the head liner in the car etc which would take more time. They said that they were in touch with Hyundai corporate blah blah blah and would continue to work on the problem...the service woman told my husband that new panoramic sun roofs are $6K and they were hoping not to have to replace the whole thing but didn't know for sure where they problem actually was. They offered a loaner vehicle to me at no charge while they had my car.

I went in on April 9th to pick up the loaner car and asked to get a few things out of my vehicle and the service woman I've been dealing with walked me back to my car and warned me not to be alarmed when I saw it...my car is in pieces...carefully laid out in a circle around the body...the headliner is out and the top of the car is open with no cover on it while other cars are being worked on around it. I can't imagine there isn't dust and grease and who knows what else in the air filtering down into the vehicle through the open roof. Sigh.

Thanks for hanging with me on this...While my concerns are many, does it seem odd to any of you that the only call we have received since March 29th regarding the repairs on my vehicle was to tell us they would not have it ready to go on April 8th? I have received no communication from them since April 9th. None. It seems like a reasonable expectation that a service manager would call to tell me what's been done, what the plan is moving forward and when they anticipate having the work completed. Am I over the top thinking this?

I'm really worried that I won't get the car back that I left them...I'm worried that they don't know what they are doing. I've got no indication that there is any plan in place to get this work done - the correct way and I'm also concerned that my car will be full of grease and crap from the surrounding shop. I've hesitated to call them but I'm getting pissed, more worried and while I'm glad to have a loaner car...I want just my car back and my confidence in this service department is shaken. Today is day 17 for this repair...I'm only counting the days the service department is actually open.

Any thoughts, advice and direction is welcome. Thank you.
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