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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 01:23 PM
Number of posts: 18,176

Journal Archives

A giant in the infectious disease medical community has passed away. He was also my neighbor.

Dr. George Risi wasn’t a household name but his contributions to infectious disease research were immense...particularly HIV, H1N1 and Ebola. I was acquainted with George through his work at Infectious Disease Specialists, a clinical research practice specializing in testing vaccines for industry and government. Back in the day when my husband and I were poor as church mice, we participated in vaccine trials for H1N1, H5N1 and bubonic plague...we got paid for doing so. It was exciting at the time and helped pay the bills. Dr. Risi was also our neighbor. He walked past our house often and always waved and said hello when I was out front working in my garden. I noticed how thin he had become of late and worried he might be ill. He was, in fact, suffering from an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. He died December 12th.

From his obituary:
George wanted desperately to live. His greatest sorrow was that he knew he would not see his son marry, nor would he get to hold a grandchild. But he thought, at the very least, he would be granted the pleasure of seeing Trump marched out of the White House in 2021. That denied, he asks this of you: Wear a mask — they really do work; practice social distancing — sacrifice a little today for a better future. And, when it’s available, take the vaccine. Most importantly, he would remind you to hold your family close.


The Obamas Are Producing a Comedy Series About

tRump being a giant F**kup.

Millions of people spent the last four years longing for the soothing, rational, literate time in American history that was Barack Obama’s two-term tenure as president, a relatively blissful era compared to the blood-soaked, shit-streaked nightmare that we just went through. If there was one criticism of the guy who some fantasized would save us from the daily terror and just be president for life, though, it was that he didn’t publicly condemn Donald Trump enough until the tail end of the 2020 campaign (it wasn’t until September 2018 that the 44th president even denounced his successor by name). In his new memoir, A Promised Land, Obama mentions this, writing, “I confess that there have been times during the course of writing this book, as I’ve reflected on my presidency and all that’s happened since, when I’ve had to ask myself whether I was too tempered in speaking the truth as I saw it, too cautious in either word or deed, convinced as I was that by appealing to what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature I stood a greater chance of leading us in the direction of the America we’ve been promised.” Which is fair! But as luck would have it, Obama has apparently been holding out on us with the next best thing, something we probably could never have imagined possible until hearing the words “Obamas” “producing” “Trump” “comedy” “series.”

Yes, in news that will assuredly send Trump into an unhinged tailspin once he notices it, Barack and Michelle are reportedly producing a comedy series for Netflix “based on the chaotic transition of power when Donald Trump became president in 2016.” The show, titled The G Word With Adam Conover, is a collaboration between the comedian and the former first couple’s Higher Ground Productions, based on Michael Lewis’s book The Fifth Risk, which was born out of a September 2017 Vanity Fair article. The book covers the historic chaos and mismanagement that occurred in the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy during the handoff between the administrations. While Obama team members had prepared briefing books for their successors, among the Trump people who showed up to fill the posts, of which there were very few, basically no one was qualified. (You may recall that Trump’s first energy secretary, Rick Perry, thought his job entailed overseeing the oil and gas sector, when it actually involved active nuclear warheads.)

More at the link: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/12/obamas-trump-comedy-series

Tom Petty...Runaway Trains

How are my fellow Montanans faring today? ETA: And, other friends from red states

who are feeling beat up...

Mental health check in if you feel up to it. I'm tired...I know you all must be too. I can't believe our results. Weed passes but none of our incredible candidates get elected? We have a thug for a governor now. What a tough day this is.

I'm thinking of you all and appreciate every single one of you.

Incredible turnout here in Missoula, MT.

The line out the door of the main Elections Office to vote goes as far as as I can see...it winds down the street, around the block and down a pedestrian path. This is only one of the places to vote in town. I drove past two ballot drop off points and they are well staffed and cars are bumper to bumper for blocks. There are several park and ride places where you can leave your vehicle and take the city bus to the polls. I followed one of the buses on my way to work and there were quite a few folks riding. Everyone is masked and socially distant. I'm thrilled to see this and I'm happy it is sunny and 43 degrees. A week ago we had 10" of snow on the ground. I hope everyone who can vote will have the opportunity to get it done today.

When will Bill Barr emerge from his den?

He is awfully quiet these days...

Vote for her.

I know im preaching to the choir here...but this new TLP ad is so powerful. I tell the guys in my household how meaningful it is to have leaders who look like me and live a life similar to mine. It matters.

This Biden ad! To get us across the finish line...



Voting view from Montana

I voted!! So happy to have it DONE. I drove the two ballots from my household to the Elections Office here in Missoula and the place was absolutely packed...both the walk in elections office and the drive through. The line of cars for the drive through drop box was wrapped around the block and has been all day long. I can say that because the Elections Office is a half block from my office. The drive through attendant told me he had just filled three ballot boxes and was filling the fourth for the morning. I most likely cancelled out the tRump humper's ballot ahead of me in the drive through line...so there's that.

Just had a black bear visit outside my bedroom window.

I was awake...looking at DU on my iPad and I kept hearing what I thought was my kiddo in the next room thrashing about in his bed. I realized it was outside...I opened my window and saw the plum tree shaking top to bottom. The bear was up in it knocking plums to the ground. The deer have grazed all the fruit from the reachable branches and the bear will get what’s left.
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