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Gender: Female
Hometown: Montana
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 31, 2016, 02:23 PM
Number of posts: 17,900

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A hopeful sign of a few die hard republicans seeing MF45 for the fraud he is.

My husband is the president of a national non-profit trade organization. This group has a convention every summer that brings hundreds of people together. To date, this group has not canceled their convention scheduled for July in Sioux Falls, SD. The board is scheduled to make that decision between June 1st and June 15th. It dawned on me this week that this convention could go on as planned! It could because these folks are as red as they come with most of them still calling the virus a hoax, stupid, an overreaction etc...I have to hear it every damned day on the phone at work. I should get hazard pay but that's another story.

My husband isn't one of these RWNJ's and I figured that he would get this thing shut down but so far it hasn't happened. My husband is a thoughtful person but he doesn't make decisions quickly and he definitely has a wait and see type of demeanor. Two days ago I said to my husband, "You know...if you go to Sioux Falls, you'll have to come home and quarantine for two weeks. You'll have to live in the camper in the driveway and stay away from me, our kiddo and our shop for that entire time. We can't jeopardize the family or our employees" He looked at me in disbelief. I told him I wasn't kidding. He said "Really?" and I said "REALLY". I left work and told him I'd left the CDC guidelines bookmarked for him on my computer and he could read it for himself.

He immediately began calling his board members to see where they stood on the convention. These people are from all over the country - most are from deep red areas and the business they're all in is chock full of the reddest repubs you can imagine. ALL of them are in favor of shutting the convention down ASAP. The reddest repukes on that board were all quite vocal about the virus, how frightened they are to get it, that the pResident is lying to them about testing and how tRump's got to go or we will lose countless more Americans.

We found out that one of these board members just got out of the hospital with Covid-19. He said it is the sickest he has ever been. He went on an anti-tRump rampage with my husband saying he almost died because he kept hearing that this was like the flu or a cold and he should just keep working, so he did. Another board member from GA has a wife who works in an assisted living facility where Covid-19 has killed half the residents - he is terrified she will get it and then he will too. He pointedly blamed MF45 for the mess we're in. He said he's never voted for a Democrat but he would vote for Biden because he, at least, would know what to do.

I thought this was all good news. Our camper is actually very nice but I guess my husband really didn't want to quarantine there for 2 weeks.

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