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Gender: Male
Hometown: S Tex
Home country: US Of A
Current location: Here!
Member since: Tue Nov 1, 2016, 07:52 PM
Number of posts: 323

Journal Archives

Any peep from the Orange Mistake about

Typhoon Yutu? About the 50K+ Americans facing a cat 5? Any concern about 180 mph winds, and 200 mph gusts? How about the fact that is is very wet? Does Caravan Don even know about it? I know he couldn't find Saipan or Tinian on a map, but could any of his staff? Unlike Puerto Rico, this territory really is out in the middle of a very large ocean, and help should have started there days ago. Any word on that?

Does this summarize the Trumpist position on Russia?

"All of our intelligence agencies are wrong or lying, and the same with British and Spanish agencies. The Republican lead Senate Intelligence Committee is either wrong or lying. Even though top Trump officials and family members lied about meeting with many Russians at many times, they are all wrong or lying when they later admitted to it, ESPECIALLY the ones that pled guilty. Even though very evil Russian oligarchs and mobsters turn up repeatedly closely associated with many high-level campaign and cabinet officials, it is just coincidence. Even though both houses of Congress passed sanctions against Russia that Trump refused to act on, that too is unrelated. Yes, Russia invaded Ukraine, but it is not so bad because the territory invaded mainly spoke Russian. That is nothing like saying it would be OK for Mexico to take over Hidalgo County, Texas because a majority of the people speak Spanish. Nothing at all."

I am continually surprised

that RWNJs don't know that the Bill of Rights apply to all people on U.S. soil, not just citizens. Now some, of course, are just trying to mislead their fellows to support their agendas, but I run into those that actually believe that it's the "truth". Hard to run a country well when people don't know the basics. Should we deport them? You and I know it would be unconstitutional, but THEY wouldn't.
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