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Gender: Male
Hometown: S Tex
Home country: US Of A
Current location: Here!
Member since: Tue Nov 1, 2016, 07:52 PM
Number of posts: 323

Journal Archives

Cornyn, Cruz, and Trump are effusive in their concern over Hurricane Hanna...

oh, wait, no they aren't. I guess Corpus Christi is too "Mexican" to deserve a comment, much less the valley. More fuel for changing leadership!

New name for the Chief Executive - the ABIC

Pronounced "ay-bic", for Ass Biter In Chief.

Governors ask for help. ABIC denies, says "do it yourselves". Governors try to do it, ABIC steals their stuff. Health crisis continues. ABIC blames same governors (bites them in the ass).

Other governors do nothing. Pandemic catches up with them. Outrage ensues, ABIC THEN BITES THEM IN THE ASS!

Rinse, lather, repeat...
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