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Member since: Wed Nov 2, 2016, 09:48 PM
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Why don't Dems EVER fight the false equivalencies?!!

OMG-- like Al Franken taking an admittedly inappropriate photo where he is NOT touching a woman who also has a flak jacket over her breasts and other people are around is the same as Roy Moore attacking underage girls he got alone in his car?!! Give me a break! And Dems/progressives/libs calling other Dems/progressives/libs out for not attacking him with the same vigor as they go after Moore is preposterous! It is not hypocritical at all!

And Franken doing what he thinks is the right thing by calling for an investigation. Well, now the headlines I see online are of OTHER Dems or Repugs calling for the investigation rather than saying Franken was the one who wants it.

The right wing echo chamber has hounded the mainstream media non-stop for years for being the "liberal media" and the MSM has self-censored and bent over backwards to accommodate the most wacky, propaganda filled stories in order to appear "fair".

Think of how Hillary's stupid and uneventful e-mails were constantly the headline story and spun by the MSM to be this HUGE ominous story. All the while, Putin was taking over our elections and our country and that was presented without the hysteria of HRC's e-mails. Most of the facts about tRump's cronies' and their Russian connections were known BEFORE the election but never reported as much to be concerned about. And the Dems seemed to want to hold their heads high and not sling mud (which were facts) and look where it got us.

I think back to John Kerry who took on this "above the fray" philosophy, seeming to believe that the US electorate was smart enough to realize that the service of a guy who actually put his life on the line in Vietnam shouldn't be dismissed as it was while a guy who couldn't even show up for face time within the safety of the U.S. wasn't called out much. And look where that got us! Same with Al Gore going up against the dunderhead Dumbya but always wanting to keep his cool and not really fight--again, look where that got us!

Dick Durbin is my Senator and a great guy but it drives me crazy when he seems to always have to add "both sides do it" for whatever issue that could be used to attack the Repugs when it is 90% Repugs/ 10% at most Dems doing whatever it is. But always presented as "both sides do it" like it is 50/50.

We all know there are so many other examples.

So I don't have any patience at all with Dems who want Franken to resign or point out that we should be as upset at Franken's non-physical (although sophomoric) assault as we are with pedophiles, pussy grabbers, etc.

Fight back, Dems! And don't give the media talking points or indications that these behaviors are the same. Ridiculous!!! We are our own worst enemies. Having the purists, Bernie Bros, Stein lovers do everything they could to destroy Hillary should have taught us a lesson. But I am not optimistic that we can come together to fight the right wingers trying to destroy this country.

Rant over! FIGHT!!
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