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Member since: Wed Nov 2, 2016, 09:48 PM
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ABC Special (on now) "proving" false equivalency

between the right and left. At this point, ten minutes in, the focus has been more on showing violence by the alt-left rather than the right. Just like Hillary's emails were equivalent to tRump's history of racism, sexism, collusion with Russia, etc. To be very clear, I do not condone ANY violence by either side but to make it seem like it is done equally by both sides is ridiculous.

And violence by the so-called Alt-Left really pisses me off as it takes the focus off of the scum on the right. They just showed the Alt-Lefties smashing windows and torching cars in DC during the inauguration and that got a lot of media that day, "proving" the false equivalency that both sides are as guilty as the other.

Hope this changes as the show goes on.
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