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Member since: Wed Nov 2, 2016, 09:48 PM
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Who was the USA Olympian with mask on his chin

and constantly trying to get on camera during the Opening Ceremony last night? We just watched it and all of the team marching had their masks on properly but one guy had it down on his chin with nose and sometimes mouth exposed. He made sure to walk right next to the flag bearers and kept leaning into their space to get on camera. Seemed like a real jerk. Everyone else was doing the right thing.

Who is the woman with purple in her hair?

Talked to President Biden after the speech

Interesting article from 2013 about Cleta Mitchell

Big homophobe. Interestingly, her first husband was gay. Her second husband was convicted of five counts of felony fraud. When that happened, she was convinced the government overreached (you know, because the government should have allowed him to defraud people). She’s a Former liberal Dem who fought for the ERA, now a right wing bigot trying to help Rump kill our democracy. What a witch.

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