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Member since: Fri Nov 4, 2016, 01:16 PM
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Bezos to buy MGM who owns the rights to [The tRump ...You're Fired] The Apprentice.

This is the show The Orange Slob-father was on. The raw edited,.. unedited,.. and floor clippings where tRump was being a misogynistic,.. racist,.. and bigoted pig might now become public for the world to see.


Ancient 'Jesus midwife' tomb to be excavated by archaeologists Associated Press

JERUSALEM – An ancient tomb traditionally associated with Jesus’s midwife is being excavated anew by archaeologists in the hills southwest of Jerusalem, the antiquities authority said Tuesday.

The intricately decorated Jewish burial cave complex dates to around the first century A.D., but it was later associated by local Christians with Salome, the midwife of Jesus in the Gospels. A Byzantine chapel was built at the site, which was a place of pilgrimage and veneration for centuries thereafter.

The cave was first found and excavated decades ago by an Israeli archaeologist. The cave's large forecourt is now under excavation by archaeologists as part of a heritage trail development project in the region.

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