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Here are some other topics for the House to investigate

The House D's need to approach this carefully as soon as the new Representatives are sworn in and committee assignments are made.

They will also need to make as much progress as possible on healthcare, economy, etc (and it won't be easy), while, at the same time, investigating the hell out these crooks for the last two years.

Besides 2016 Election and Russia, some other areas to consider:

-Brian Kemp's Secretary of State's office in handling GA federal elections: hopefully, this will tell us what really went on in terms of voter suppression

-Trump family corruption and taxes

-Devin Nunes and his "handling" of Russia investigation

Feel free to add!

Please tell people having voting issues to call Election Protection at 866-OUR VOTE

This is a non-partisan group of lawyers across the US answering calls and on the ground in precincts throughout the US for people having problems or questions about voting.

They will be on call all throughout November 6 in all time zones covering the US to answer questions and to deal with voting issues on the spot.



There are no words


Google News headlines

Does anyone understand exactly how Google News sets up its headline page? Particularly in relation to politics?

For the last couple of hours, the number one story is "Aides Quietly Stunned by Trump's Respectful Handling of Kavanaugh Accuser" by CNN. Does anyone really believe this is the top story?

During the 2016 general election, I routinely saw minuscule publications making the top stories and I realized that there was a great deal of manipulation going on.

If anyone understands how this is manipulated, please share the secret!

There "is" no collusion

Has anyone noticed that the Idiot-in-chief almost always says "there is no collusion" when referring to Russian election meddling. On a few occasions, he does use the past tense, but at least from what I've observed or heard, he almost always uses present tense, or sometimes present perfect tense, when discussing the collusion issue.

I wonder if this is another "it depends on what the meaning of 'is' is" defense that he is laying? Am I just imagining this??

I am sure Mueller's team will not let him get away with games like this if they get him under oath.

Can't get through to Bob Corker's numerous offices by phone. What to do?

DC office phone is always busy.

They are not answering phones in the Nashville or Memphis offices.

I am not a social media type. How do I register my protest with Corker on the tax bill?

The "other" George P

Remember the ABC tv show Webster from the mid-1980s? Alex Karras played George Papadopolis, Webster's adopted father.


What goes around, comes around (actually, there is no relevancy of this to anything!)

What's the deal with Politico.com?

I would think that this "news" website would be all over the indictment(s), breaking stories etc.

Instead, the number one story is Roger Stone getting kicked off Twitter.

Are they joking? Is this all they can be reporting about now? Is Politico as useless as it appears?

New name for Trump supporters: Donny Reb!

(apologies if someone else thought of this one first)

45 years ago - The watershed moment in Watergate

45 years ago today was June 23, 1972. This was the day that President Richard Nixon's two top lieutenants, namely Bob Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, went to the CIA to beg them to stop the FBI's investigation of the Watergate break-in. This was the "smoking gun" event that, when disclosed in Nixon's tapes in August 1974, directly led to Nixon's resignation.

It took more than 2 years from this event, which was recorded on Nixon's tapes, until his resignation.

My point is simple: what the idiot that today some call President has likely done is far worse than anything Nixon did. There is no question about that. It will ALL COME OUT, but it won't happen immediately. It took more than 2 years with Nixon and it might take a long time to get there with Trump. But it WILL get there, no matter what.

In the meantime, let's hang together and stop the in-fighting. There is a much greater enemy out there than any of us, and we all know who he/they/it is/are.

This stuff takes time, and it takes time for the American people to understand it.

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