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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:04 PM
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45 Supporters: next time you see your face in the mirror...

20 years ago the third city in France, Marseille, was about to fall in the hands of the French Populist party, FN led by Le Pen. Controversial businessman Bernard Tapie then got pretty involved to prevent this election. He was very active in shaming the electors themselves.

his view: "Let's stop finding excuses for FN voters. Let's stop saying that Le Pen is a moron but that his constituents must be understood, that they have difficult problems. If we judge that Le Pen is a moron, then those who vote for him are also morons. "

At a FN rally which he was attending, he was invited to speak by Gollnish to show how democratic the FN was, and he said that:

Lets take all the immigrants, men, women, children, we put them on boats, and we send them very far away. The Public cheered loudly. "And when they are far enough, to be sure they do not come back, we sink the boat. New loud cheers.

Bernard Tapie then took a completely different tone and launched to the public:
"I was not mistaken about you. I spoke of a massacre, a genocide, to kill men, women and children; and you applauded. Tomorrow, when you shave or make up, when you see your face in the mirror, just puke on it.

Needless to say the exist was ..lively.. but the FN also dropped substantially and never took Marseille.

Understanding trumpism is like understanding poetry

To fully understand trumpism, we must first be fluent with its meter, dynamic then ask two questions: 1) How low the cognitive capacities of the supporter are and 2) How hateful a person he is? Question 1 rates How likely he is going to beleive totally insane theories; question 2 rates how likely he will support a racist agenda. And once these questions have been answered, determining the supporter's radicalism becomes a relatively simple matter.

If the supporter's score for cretinism is plotted on the horizontal of a graph and his racism is plotted on the vertical, then calculating the total area yields the measure of his support.

France and Macron launch the Visa Tech program

Macron wants France to become a startup nation

These sites are now live



He also offered a US student complaining about France at the vivatech conference a visa at the VIvatech conference and promised a 10bn fund to support new ventures.

Oh and none of those 10bn are dedicated to building a wall between France and Spain.

Macron says fuck off to 45

Macron tells Trump the Paris accord is not renegotiable

President Emmanuel Macron told U.S. President Donald Trump that the Paris climate deal could not be renegotiated and that while France would continue to work with Washington, it would no longer discuss climate issues with the United States, a French source said.

"The president spoke with President Trump in a five-minute phone call. The exchange was direct," a source close to Macron said.

"The president said that they could continue to talk, but indicated that nothing was renegotiable with regard to the Paris accords. The United States and France will continue to work together, but not on the subject of climate," the source added.

A Day in Infamy

Ok so maybe there is a 1% chance that climate change wont be as bad as predicted but assume its the other 99%.

The future Generations will have in their history books that on June 1, 2017, the USA pulled out of the Paris accord, and regardless of real responsibilities there will always be one clear culprit.

Wont be fun to travel as a tourist as an American in a couple of years....

France is considering to propose to US scientists and academics to emigrate to France

Macron, one of the strongest progressist in Europe has today in his latest speech announced the following:

I want tonight to make an appeal to all researchers, to all academics who, in the United States, are fighting against obscurantism. I am calling all those who today focus on innovation, on climate change on academic excellence in the United States to hear us and listen to us. You will have very shortly a new land that will welcome you, that land is France.

Macron is now leading the French polls.

How many of us will say: i am Canadian

On our next visit abroad 😂😂.

Not quite I expected from making America great again

Too bad the Syrian ban hasn't been in place before

the US would be doing so much better without Abdul Jandali and his idiotic son Steve Jobs, the great destroyer of jobs.

The economic impact of all this will be considerable

The US has often been the no1 destination of the most brilliant minds and the most successful entrepreneurs, a key component of GDP growth.

Im sure most will reconsider before their expatriation to the US.

And so very soon the leader of the free world will be

Germany...battling against the trump-putin axis of evil

Kind of ironic

I feel for the veterans..
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