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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:04 PM
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Sun Tzu: know your Republican

I spend my time in the middle of very republican office. Not the deplorables, educated well trained highly paid republicans.

They were terrorized that this was the last election they could win because of the demographic trends.

They have no issues with voter suppression or other 'anti' democratic way of winning. In their twisted minded there is an alpha white male theory that they do this for the good of everyone as others are 'unfit' to vote. Believe me, they will do whatever it takes to win AND still feel morally ok about it.

They like Putin now more because he helped them win. So they like him now. Its like the Vichy regime in France. The interior enemy is their only focus. A foreign country that helps them suppress their enemy is an Ally, whoever it is. Trust me the 'liberal' is THE enemy.

They are educated but they make up their mind on one tweet and/or one biased article by a climate denier that climate change doesn't exist.

Those who thought the EC could switch were delusional. You empathetically imagined yourself in their shoes but the truth is you can't.

They will do whatever it takes, create whatever necessary diversion, suppress whatever amount to win.

They will bully those in their ways in a manner most don't imagine.

We have no idea how difficult winning the 2020 election will be. Lets unite.

New Truck Terror Attack a la nice in Berlin SAD

and trump will use it too SAD again
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