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Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:04 PM
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How would mccain have voted on kavanaugh?

Just curious. I think he wwoilf have been a no!

The US is so f***

No really the vicious cycle has just started.

The US will be ruled by angry white undeducated men for the foresseable future.

And they will continue to win like poker players that have aces in all their sleeves and opponents who know that but are even scared to denounce them and hope they ll end up winning because they ll get a great draw. Give me a break...

And what about the formidable brain drain. Which even moderately intelligent person would emmigrate here in a country that thinks global warming is a hoax and that ha policies of the stone ages.

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

De Gaulle used to say that patriotism is the love of your country and nationalism is the hatred of others.

Dont let republicans tell you you dont love your country because they hate everything that is not an angry white male.
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