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Mountain Mule

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Home country: Colorado
Current location: the Four Corners
Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:27 PM
Number of posts: 997

About Me

A survivor of the Great Election Day Hack Attack, so this is not my first ride at the DU rodeo. Given the events of the past year, I have resigned my US citizenship and I await notification about my request for asylum in the Navajo Nation about 20 miles south of my current location. My current country is the bright blue state of Colorado. I have dedicated myself to the destruction of the current oligarchy under which the US is now governed. Direct Democracy is true Democracy!

Journal Archives

Bakker: God Told Me Trump Will Oversee Golden Age of Racial Harmony

Jim Bakker (YouTube)
Televangelist Jim Bakker said he has received a revelation that President Donald Trump will usher in a golden age of racial harmony.

“I was on my knees praying last night, when I heard God’s voice telling me that the nation will see peaceful times in the near future, with all races coming together,” said Bakker on his television show. “Since the nation has turned back to God by appointing Trump, everything will be alright.”

Since Trump launched his campaign, which demonized Mexicans and Muslims, hate crimes have skyrocketed. Last week Nabra Hassanen, a Muslim woman in Virginia, was abducted outside a mosque and beaten to death with a baseball bat.

However, Trump seems to be living in his own fact-free world, where everything is hunky dory. The president also seems to believe his own hype, according to the Washington Post. The Post fact-checked Trump’s recent speech at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which was filled with inaccuracies.

During the 70-minute speech, Trump promised to unite the country and claimed he had signed 38 pieces of legislation. He said this was “more than any other president.” Although, as several pundits, including Rachel Maddow have pointed out, Trump has yet to sign a single piece of major legislation.

SOURCE: http://uspoln.com/2017/06/26/bakker-god-told-trump-will-oversee-golden-age-racial-harmony/

Why doesn't god whisper little titillating tidbits like this in MY ear? As a good Christian, I have tried hard to emulate the "new Christianity" modeled by Trump and his core supporters who are coming up with all sorts of new replies to that eternal question - "What would Jesus do?"

I am learning to understand that the upper 1% alone are blessed by god. Poor people are poor because they are lazy no good scum who had the audacity to be born with a skin color other than sunburned pink. The Sermon on the Mount has been redacted from the Bible by Southern Baptists until further notice or the rapture - whichever comes first.

And that thing about "he without sin should throw the first stone"? Turns out to be a serious mis-translation from the Aramaic at the hands of Russian hackers. It should be, "He who has sinned the most and the worst gets to stone little kids with serious health conditions, the disabled - who are a bunch of fraudulent liars and cheaters who want to live for free - and Granny who needs to get off her hind end and get one of those new coal mining jobs to pay for her nursing home expenses.

Life is valuable only when it hasn't been born yet. The moment a kid pops out of some welfare queen's womb, it becomes the devil incarnate and should be treated (actually NOT treated at all) as if it were the devil incarnate - it's probably an illegal alien or a muslim changeling. God can sort these so-called babies and children out afterwards.

White males (who are god's true chosen) have been discriminated against since the founding of this nation. Jesus will be making a tour of the South any day now and giving these poor white male victims - who never bothered to graduate from high school or get a GED - high paying jobs as NASCAR drivers, since all the folks over 90 have sucked up all those thousands of new coal jobs in a selfish effort to get the money to buy a little food and a cot at the local flop house.

Everybody make sure your Twitter Account is up to date and check it often for messages from Jim Bakker who will be channeling Tammy Faye as the words of Jesus issue from her lips, and God's self appointed prophet, Saint Donald the Trump who knows an inspirational Tweet when his tiny hands type one. Those with a direct line to the new and improved Jesus have assured me that St. Donald will be urging all god-fearing Americans to join the Navy Seals and go on a Great Crusade against the infidels in the blue states. Next stop, Syria. Smile, America. Jesus loves you - he just has a strange way of showing it.

Posted by Mountain Mule | Tue Jun 27, 2017, 06:50 PM (63 replies)

Democrats to halt Senate business in health care protest

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN) Senate Democrats will move to bring the chamber to a halt Monday night to protest the Republicans' closed-door process to gut Obamacare in the coming days, according to a senior Democratic aide.

Democrats plan to object to routine requests to let the chamber operate -- whether it's scheduling votes or allowing committees to meet for extended hearings -- in a move aimed at escalating the fight over health care.

The Democratic base has been pushing senators to take a tougher approach on health care, but doing so could eviscerate the bipartisan atmosphere that existed after last week's violent attacks against lawmakers at a Congressional Baseball Game practice.
Senate Republicans are trying to get cut a deal among their own members, and are expected to bring the measure directly to the floor as early as next week -- and avoid committee hearings and votes.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/06/19/politics/health-care-democrats-reaction/index.html

I haven't seen this posted yet - everybody call your Democratic Senator and urge them to hold firm. Tell your Republican Senator that voters in your state do not approve of a healthcare bill crafted in secret and they will make their displeasure clear at the polls!
Posted by Mountain Mule | Mon Jun 19, 2017, 01:14 PM (18 replies)

Trump - the grim reaper of the elderly, the disabled, and children

I've been reading some of the most recent reports put out by the nonpartisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and it's hard to look over their findings and not just start crying. As a disabled, 65 year-old woman living off a tiny stipend from SSDI ($760.00/mo), I will be one of the many millions of low income Americans who will face hunger and homelessness should this cruel travesty of a budget make it through the repug controlled Congress.

Thanks to my very small income, I depend on Medicaid for my health care, a housing voucher for my rent, SNAP to put food on my table, and the energy assistance program (LEAP) to stay warm in the winter. LEAP is to be completely eliminated. Well then fine. I can buy some extra sweaters and blankets from the thrift store. I'm tough. I'll make it. SNAP is to be cut by a minimum of 25%. Well then fine. I'm already having to skip meals here and there at the end of the month. I'll just skip a few more and eat more ramen noodles. I'm tough. I'll make it. 250,000 housing vouchers will be eliminated in 2018 and by 2027, the voucher program will see an overall budget cut of 41%. Also by 2027, medicaid will have been reduced by half. I'm not tough enough to survive as a homeless person in the Colorado winter and I'm not tough enough to survive without medical care.

Well then fine. I've lived longer than many do and I've lived longer than many will under this Trumpian version of MAGA by giving tax cuts to the wealthy and low income Americans be damned. But I hate to think of the suffering of my fellows and I'm only human - I dread the suffering I would have to endure as well.

I cannot believe that my country has come to such an awful place that those Americans who are most vulnerable and most in need would be tossed aside like so much human garbage. I can't believe that Trump and his truly deplorable core are fine with turning their backs on innocent children whose only crime is to be born into poverty. "NO kid, you can't have any more soup! Your skin is the wrong color. You speak with an accent. You may be only 5, but you'll grow up to be a terrorist for sure because you and your family don't belong to the right religion."

It's like we're bringing back the time of Charles Dickens all over again, only now we're doing it in Amerika instead of Britain.

I DESPISE Trump and his horrible followers. I hate them more than anything!

And I'm scared.

Below is an excerpt from the latest (May 30, 2017) report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

Trump Budget Gets Three-Fifths of Its Cuts From Programs for Low- and Moderate-Income People
Slashes These Programs by Unprecedented $2.5 Trillion

MAY 30, 2017

President Trump’s 2018 budget contains the largest dollar cuts to programs for low- and moderate-income people proposed by any President’s budget in the modern era, reflecting a strikingly imbalanced approach to reducing the deficit or offsetting the cost of its proposed tax cuts. The plan would cut these programs by an estimated $2.5 trillion over the next decade. About three-fifths (59 percent) of the budget’s cuts would come from these programs that help low- and moderate-income families afford the basics or improve their upward mobility.

Three-Fifths of Cuts in Trump Budget Come in Low- and Moderate-Income Programs

Altogether, the budget proposes $4.3 trillion in non-defense cuts through 2027. This means its $2.5 trillion in cuts to programs assisting low- and moderate-income people would constitute about 59 percent of the total non-defense cuts (see Figure 1), even though these programs account for just 29 percent of non-defense spending and just 24 percent of total program spending. No other modern President (including President Reagan when he proposed deep cuts to low-income programs in his first budget) has proposed a budget with cuts of this magnitude to programs assisting struggling families, even if the cuts are adjusted for inflation or measured as a percent of the economy.

The proposed reductions to low- and moderate-income programs would increase the number of uninsured by substantially more than 23 million; significantly undermine the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps), which now provides basic food aid to more than 40 million low-income Americans; and dramatically reduce job training and education aid, which are essential to helping people move out of poverty by securing decent jobs. Specifically, the budget includes:

$1.9 trillion in health care cuts. The budget embraces the House bill’s approach to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would take health insurance away from 23 million people of modest means, raise out-of-pocket health costs for millions more, and substantially weaken key protections for people with pre-existing conditions. It then proposes additional Medicaid cuts on top of that. In combination, the cuts would total $1.9 trillion over the next decade, with the vast majority of these cuts occurring to Medicaid and the rest occurring to subsidies that help people with modest incomes afford insurance. Specifically, the House bill’s Medicaid cuts and the new Medicaid cuts added in the budget would reduce federal Medicaid spending by $1.6 trillion from 2018 through 2027,[1] cutting Medicaid by nearly half (47 percent) in 2027.

$400 billion in cuts to discretionary programs for low- and moderate-income people. In 2018 alone, the budget would slice discretionary (annually appropriated) programs focused on people with limited means by 15 percent. It, for example, would cut major job training grants by 40 percent, even though many workers need to upgrade their skills to succeed in today’s rapidly changing economy; eliminate housing vouchers for more than 250,000 lower-income households, denying aid that helps them pay the rent and avoid homelessness; and end the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps poor households pay their heating bills. The budget would then continue to cut overall funding for non-defense discretionary programs more deeply in each subsequent year, producing a cut of 41 percent by 2027 (relative to today’s levels), after adjusting for inflation. Funding cuts this severe would eviscerate this already hard-hit category of programs and reduce spending on discretionary programs that help struggling Americans by an estimated $400 billion over the next decade.

$193 billion in SNAP cuts. The budget would cut federal SNAP funding by more than one-quarter through a combination of eligibility and benefit cuts and a massive cost shift to states — both of which would affect millions of low-income households. It would require states to pay for 25 percent of SNAP benefits by 2023, a cost shift of approximately $116 billion over ten years, and allow states to cut SNAP benefits to ease the new state costs. This approach runs contrary to the four decades of typically bipartisan support for SNAP, in which it has operated as a program with national eligibility and benefit standards to address the wide disparities in hunger and poverty — and fiscal capacity — across the states. Under the Trump proposal, low-income children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities would no longer be guaranteed access to a basic diet regardless of where they live.


Posted by Mountain Mule | Fri Jun 2, 2017, 02:25 AM (1 replies)
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