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Mountain Mule

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Colorado Springs
Home country: Colorado
Current location: the Four Corners
Member since: Thu Dec 1, 2016, 02:27 PM
Number of posts: 997

About Me

A survivor of the Great Election Day Hack Attack, so this is not my first ride at the DU rodeo. Given the events of the past year, I have resigned my US citizenship and I await notification about my request for asylum in the Navajo Nation about 20 miles south of my current location. My current country is the bright blue state of Colorado. I have dedicated myself to the destruction of the current oligarchy under which the US is now governed. Direct Democracy is true Democracy!

Journal Archives

New Trump campaign ad asks supporters to call 1-800 hotline to thank him

Source: The Hill

President Trump’s reelection campaign released a new TV ad urging his supporters to call a 1-800 hotline to thank him.

In the new ad, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale is seen lauding the president for having “achieved more during his time in office than any president in history.”

"We have a booming economy, historically low unemployment, including the lowest unemployment rate for minorities in history," Parscale said, while also adding that the world is a "safer place" because of the president.

Parscale went on to say this is why Trump’s supporters must "pick up the phone right now and deliver a personal thank you to your president” for all the work he’s achieved.

“We need to let President Trump know that we appreciate what he’s doing for America,” he continues. “I need you to call the number on your screen and deliver a thank you to President Trump.”

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/421915-new-trump-campaign-ad-asks-supporters-to-call-1-800-hotline-to-thank-him

This has the potential to backfire bigly. It's supposed to be a way for grateful Trumpers to get hit up for a 2020 campaign donation when they call to express their love for their fav cult leader. I'm seriously considering calling to express my deep revulsion for Twitler and all he stands for. Wouldn't it be fun to flood that number and help fill the recording with outraged comments from Democrats and everyone else opposed to Trump? HAH!
Posted by Mountain Mule | Wed Dec 19, 2018, 06:08 PM (37 replies)

Stunning Time Magazine cover blends faces of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

Source: Independent News

Time magazine's latest cover features what some have called an "eerie" blend of the faces of Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin - reflecting the affinity between the two leaders.

The US president's whispy blonde comb-over and distinctive pursed lips and raised eyebrows are melded with Mr Putin's steely blue eyes and cool expression.

Nancy Burson is the visual artist behind the cover and it "is meant to represent this particular moment in US foreign policy, following the pair's recent meeting," the magazine said.

"A year and a half into his presidency, Trump’s puzzling affinity for Putin has yet to be explained," Time said in its cover story. "To represent that conflict, [Ms] Burson merged the faces of Trump and Putin into a still image and video which morphs between the shifting appearances of the two world leaders."

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/time-magazine-cover-donald-trump-vladimir-putin-us-russia-helsinki-a8455261.html

That picture gives me the heebee jeebees!
Posted by Mountain Mule | Thu Jul 19, 2018, 07:03 PM (13 replies)

Colorado town becomes the first in the Nation to place a bounty on witches!

And now for a little humor on your Sunday afternoon...

Cortez, Colorado: According to a press release issued on Friday by the Montezuma County Board of Commissioners, locals may now apply for a witch-hunting permit that is valid anywhere in the county. Permits cost $25.00 each and the county will pay a bounty of $500.00 for every verified kill. Bounty hunters must submit a broom, hat, and a magic wand from each deceased witch in order to collect the check.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an official from the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Department further clarified that in the event a NRA inspired sharpshooter inadvertently brings down an Amazon drone, she will not face prosecution. The official went on to clarify:

“Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is the Spawn of the Devil. Our president* has explained to the nation that Amazon has been taking advantage of the US Postal Service and the Taxpayer for years now. If one of Amazon’s free loading drones goes MIA, no one here in Trump country will shed a single tear.”

When asked what prompted local officials to implement the bounty, County Commissioner, Alferd Packer explained:

“Seems like every morning when we tune in the local agricultural show, there’s yet another mention concerning the president’s* complaints about witches and witch hunts. It’s bad enough out here that we have to contend with varmints like coyotes and prairie dogs, but witches?

As patriotic Americans and loyal rural Trump voters, we decided to stand up and support our president*. As everyone knows, the president* and his staff are stretched pretty thin these days what with draining the swamp, tearing babies from the arms of their mothers, starting a global trade war, and making speeches extolling the virtues of Vladimir Putin.

This is the perfect opportunity for our farmers and ranchers to step in, get out their semi-automatics, and aim for the sky! To be honest, before we hit on the witch-hunting thing, farmers in rural Colorado were getting a tad discouraged. Not only have we been dealing with the worst drought in 30 years, Canada has imposed a 60% tariff on pinto beans – our main crop – in retaliation for the new US tariff on Canadian dairy products, as well as steel and aluminum. The witch bounty will help many a local farmer or rancher pay off their property liens and keep their tractors. Take THAT, Canada!”

In addition, the local Chamber of Commerce is quite upbeat, predicting that the witch bounty will bring in sportsmen and tourists from all over the United States and beyond. The permit fee for non-Colorado residents is $2,000 and 47 such permits have been sold already. Montezuma County plans to use the funds from the sale of witch hunting permits to create a hemp and recreational marijuana crop growing program which will encourage local farmers to switch from growing the highly volatile pinto bean and put in a few thousand acres of Maui Wowie instead. “We plan to keep the entire Front Range from Fort Collins to Pueblo stoned out of their minds. Ain’t no tariffs on that!” Mr. Packard exclaimed.

Posted by Mountain Mule | Sun Jun 10, 2018, 02:22 PM (4 replies)

My Experiences in Trump-Land - Lessons learned

Like many here, I woke up the day after the 2016 elections and received one of the most unpleasant, demoralizing surprises of my life. The Traitor had WON???? How was this even possible? My home state of Colorado becomes bluer by the day and voted for Hillary, no problem. Yet Colorado still retains some large pockets of red voters - mainly the highly conservative city of Colorado Springs and various far flung republican strongholds in the rural areas of the state. I live in rural Colorado on what Coloradans refer to as the "Western Slope." My county is poor and relatively isolated. The farmers and ranchers and small business owners here voted Trump with 70% of the county casting their ballots for the orange clown.

I did not want to think that my neighbors and friends were racist or were okay with cutting assistance to the poor in what is one of Colorado's most impoverished counties. I didn't want to accept that I live among such backward and mean-spirited people. I even posted here that I found it hard to believe that every last person who voted for Trump did so at least in part because they were bigots. So, I set out on a quest to try and figure it all out.

I don't like bringing up politics with acquaintances here because I'd much rather get along and hope that they'll eventually see the error of their ways. But that changed after Trump's so-called election. I started talking to people like "Ritchie" - the devout Christian who runs the farm I live on - and "Bud" a lifelong republican who is my landlady's husband. When I first brought up the subject to Ritchie in a sideways comment about the ongoing drought we've been experiencing, made worse by climate change; mild mannered Ritchie just blew up at me, and I beat a hasty retreat. About 6 months into our national nightmare, Bud came over to do some minor repairs on my house. We started out with some polite chit-chat until the subject of government regulation came up. Bud made the typical conservative remark about we Democrats being "Commies" and based our platform on Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, etc., etc.

I was feeling my oats that day, so I engaged Bud in a political debate. I told him that I had never been interested in the study of Marx and that I prefered to base my political beliefs on the writings of Jefferson and Thomas Paine and that the Democratic Party has used the thinking of the great philosophers of the Enlightenment as their baseline - certainly NOT Marx. Bud was astonished and began to speak in a more personal vein, and ending up telling me that he felt "abandoned" by the republican party and had nowhere to go. Score one for our side!

I had another encounter with Ritchie a few weeks later, and he was shaking his head over Trump's sexual escapades and told me that he didn't see how he as a Christian could continue to support the president*. BTW, had I noticed how low the snowpack in our mountains is this year? Going to be a drought year for sure! Score two for our side!

Other conversations with Trumpers here showed me that many of them are completely brainwashed and when it comes to them, discussion is a waste of time. They are racist, have huge arsenals of guns, and believe that every last person on food stamps uses them to buy lobster and filet mignon. This contingent is unreachable and not worth wasting the time to try.

The Democratic party CAN turn voters like Ritchie and Bud, however. They would vote for a centrist Democrat along the lines of Conor Lamb. It is possible to reach disenchanted moderate republicans as well as independents, especially if we allow our candidates to speak to the concerns of the voters in their district as Lamb did. We don't need to concede the things in our platform that make us Democrats. We most certainly don't need to turn against pro-choice or concede the field to racists and crazed gun nuts. These elements among the electorate have minds that are ossified and their thinking is set in concrete. Forget about them.

Concentrate on voters like Bud and Ritchie, and I'm willing to bet a $1,000 bucks that my currently red district would go blue come November.

Just my humble opinion.

Posted by Mountain Mule | Tue Mar 20, 2018, 01:44 PM (15 replies)

My republican friend and her little girl are coming with me to a protest rally!

It's been a difficult year for my friend "Marta" and her 8 year-old daughter "Koko." First Koko lost her health insurance when the repugs in Congress refused to do anything to fund the CHIP program because giving tax breaks to billionaires was their priority one - I asked Marta if her own paycheck had gone up and she said "no."

Then the school shootings in Florida happened. Marta was already worried when she sent Koko off to school each morning after the school bus left Koko behind and the school - and Marta - had no idea where she was. That was awful. Poor Marta searched everywhere crying and shaking until Koko was safely found sitting under a shade tree on the school grounds. Just like everyone else, Marta was horrified at the deaths of those poor children. She downloaded onto her phone the pictures of the 17 people who were killed and showed them to me with tears in her eyes.

Koko was already anxious about going to school thanks to the school bus incident. Now she wakes up every morning with a tummy ache and begs to stay home. School has become a place where bad things can happen.

When the local Dems notified me that they're planning a gun control rally in the town park, I asked Marta if she and Koko would like to come with me and Marta said yes. WOW! My town is located in conservative rural Colorado. The Traitor won over Hillary by 77% of the vote. Plus, like many rural Coloradans, Marta and her husband own a number of guns, including two semi-automatics, but Marta has had enough.

The NRA and the repugs have made a huge mistake. The mothers in this nation are enraged. They will do whatever they can to protect their babies - a Mom will fight to the death to protect her child - and I can't help but feel that Mom's across the nation are going to go to the polls and vote Democrat in the coming midterms.

The tide is beginning to turn folks. There is hope for our country yet!

Posted by Mountain Mule | Wed Feb 21, 2018, 12:27 PM (2 replies)
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