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Independents are the key to impeachment

We know that a majority of Democrats favor impeachment while most Republicans oppose it. The job of the House Dems is to make the case to independents. Once a large majority of independents favor impeachment, things can move forward.
Posted by Trumpocalypse | Wed May 22, 2019, 09:14 AM (0 replies)

Is Trump making a strategic error

it fighting Congressional subpoenas? By dragging out the process, he is delaying the revelation of any damaging information until closer to the election. Wouldn't it be better to let everything come out now rather than a year from now right in the middle of 2020. Letting the dirt come out now, would allow time for it all to be forgotten for the most part. By delaying and it comes out a little at a time over the next year to 18 months will make it all an election issue. Remember the Comey letter, if that had come out 2 months, rather than 10 days, before the election, Clinton could have recovered from it better.
Posted by Trumpocalypse | Tue May 7, 2019, 10:32 AM (5 replies)

Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the Center or Trump May Contest Election Results

Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the Center or Trump May Contest Election Results
By Glenn Thrush
May 4, 2019

WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not believe President Trump can be removed through impeachment — the only way to do it, she said this week, is to defeat him in 2020 by a margin so “big” he cannot challenge the legitimacy of a Democratic victory.
Sitting in her office with its panoramic view of the National Mall, Ms. Pelosi — the de facto head of the Democratic Party until a presidential nominee is selected in 2020 — offered Democrats her “coldblooded” plan for decisively ridding themselves of Mr. Trump: Do not get dragged into a protracted impeachment bid that will ultimately get crushed in the Republican-controlled Senate, and do not risk alienating the moderate voters who flocked to the party in 2018 by drifting too far to the left.

Posted by Trumpocalypse | Sun May 5, 2019, 10:25 AM (134 replies)
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