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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,826

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Samuel L Jackson Says Stay the Fuck at Home


Family's lockdown adaptation of Les Misrables song

If Corona doesn't kill us, Distance Learning will


Fantastic Israeli parent's response to all the Distance Learning

A little laughter to brighten your day.

Dr. Emily Landon at the Illinois Governor's COVID-19 Press Conference

She is very impressive.

Violently Bored Americans Begin Looting Puzzle Stores

NORTHWOOD, NH—Isolated and desperate for a fun new hobby or pastime in the face of social-distancing measures implemented to fight Covid-19, hysterical mobs of violently bored citizens have begun looting puzzle stores across the country, sources confirmed Friday. “People were grabbing up the jigsaws, the crosswords, the sudokus—even climbing over each other to get to the Rubik’s Cubes, if you can believe that,” said Howard Beaman, owner of the now-devastated Piece Time Puzzles, one of several hundred such specialty stores that reportedly had their windows smashed and saw their entire inventories seized by panicked Americans stuck at home and in dire need of a suitable diversion.


Five Years After a Nasty Crash, a Symbolic Layup for Josh Speidel

The two basketball buddies from Indiana, Josh Speidel and Everett Duncan, envisioned this happening hundreds of times in their careers at the University of Vermont: Duncan finding Speidel with a bounce pass, and Speidel finishing with a layup.

Instead, it happened only once, on Tuesday, when the Catamounts celebrated their seniors during the last game of the regular season. That the play happened at all was a testament to Speidel’s resilience, and to the work of many others at the campus that sits about 45 miles south of the Canadian border.

Shortly after committing to Vermont as a prized recruit, Speidel, now a redshirt senior, suffered a severe brain injury in a February 2015 car accident. Speidel, who had been known for his scoring and rebounding, was still in a coma in an Indianapolis hospital when Vermont Coach John Becker visited him and promised his parents, David and Lisa, that the university would honor his scholarship.


If the forum moderators would indulge me for posting a sports story here because this story is about so much more than basketball. It about a struggle and overcoming adversity. And as a Vermont alum, I am very proud of my alma mater.

Coronavirus Cold Open - SNL

Pete Buttigieg Pivots From Mimicking Obama To Mimicking Sanders In Attempt To Gain Ground


I love The Onion. No candidate is above shade.

Count Binface Runs for Mayor of London

I love British politics.

Stephan Ross, a death camps survivor and founder of the New England Holocaust Memorial, dies

Source: Boston Globe

Stephan Ross invoked images beyond nightmares when he spoke of his imprisonment as a boy in Nazi labor and death camps – 10 in all. He survived brutal beatings and ravaging illnesses and dashed away when told to wait in a line of those chosen to die.

“The history of my childhood is beyond what you can tell civilized people,” he once said, but he did so to keep alive the memories of his relatives and the 6 million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust.

“What I had to endure is beyond what many people can understand,” he told the Globe in 1995. “Surviving was a relentless struggle day to day, hour to hour.”

Read more: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/02/25/metro/stephan-ross-death-camps-survivor-founder-new-england-holocaust-memorial-dies/?fbclid=IwAR1DBe4CqabROn-y3rQOg1u1D2auLzm9A7QORRg2UJcDLlVswIBCOkuJ12U

Very sad. I lived in Boston because I worked on campaigns. I walked by the memorial countless times.
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