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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 12:23 PM
Number of posts: 4,520

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Officer Kim Potter Charged For Daunte Wright's Death The Daily Social Distancing Show


The Wire - This drug thing, this ain't police work.

Given recent events this clip has been on my mind.

Cadet Studying For Police Academy Exam Just Skimming Over Deescalation Training.

BLUE BELL, PA—In an effort to focus on practical skills, cadet Aaron Sanger studied for the police academy exam Monday by skimming over the sections in his training manual about deescalation techniques that he’ll never use in real life. “I guess I’m technically supposed to know this stuff, but there’s no way I’ll ever have to talk a suspect down in the field,” said Sanger, clarifying that using brute force would always be a “quicker and easier option” than going through a step-by-step deescalation process. “I’m focusing on the physical fitness portion of the test, so this mediation thing is falling to the wayside. If I ever do need to use it, I’ll just Google it while I’m pressing my knee on a guy’s neck. I’m not gonna waste my time studying laws, either. Most of them are really old and outdated—plus, it’s not like suspects know them.” At press time, Sanger was standing in front of a mirror and practicing how to tell a judge that he feared for his life before shooting a suspect.


Richard Pryor's 1979 Joke About Police Still Applies Netflix Is A Joke

Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement

RALEIGH, NC—Calling it his lifelong dream, local man Brendan Lockhart, an insecure and perpetually frustrated bully who believes he has something to prove to the world, told reporters Thursday that he is seriously considering a career in law enforcement.

Lockhart, a recent high-school graduate who sources confirmed is plagued by resentment, self-doubt, unexpected fits of rage, and has always had a penchant for tormenting those who are smaller and weaker than him, explained that he feels he is well suited to serve as a police officer.

“I’ve always wanted to be a cop,” said Lockhart, whose paranoia and inferiority complex constantly haunt him, leading him to lash out at others in order to convince them he is in control. “I know it’s a tough line of work, but I think I’ve got what it takes to earn my shield and get out there and keep the peace.”

“This is the job I was born to do,” continued the man whose main goal in life is to prove to others that he is strong, confident, and not afraid.


Opening Day has to be two of the most beautiful words in the English language.

Got my first Pfizer jab today.

Or as the Chicago vaccine hunters Facebook group is calling them “Fauci Ouchies”

Daylight Saving Time - How Is This Still A Thing?: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Since we just had daylight savings time.

A Geography of Who Hates Who The Daily Show


A little humor to brighten your day.

Queen Elizabeth Disappointed In New Royal Baby Boy's Lack Of Proper Inbreeding

Given recent events.

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