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Trump's Evangelicals: what they are thinking?

This New Yorker article has some interesting analysis which really concludes that they aren’t all that religious.

More of a white Christian ‘merika f@ck yeah! crowd.
Afraid of immigration and minorities.
They like the kick ass style - screw the libs style that Trump has. Not really that religious.

If we are thinking his followers will turn on him due to his immoral behavior - well it seems unlikely to happen until the very end.

On edit: You might want to compare it to your winning football coach: You’re annoyed that he’s overweight got caught doing drugs. sleeps around, yells at the kids professionally, but dammit he’s got your team on a winning streak and headed to the playoffs and you’ll put up with that.

Posted by California_Republic | Wed Dec 25, 2019, 01:49 PM (15 replies)
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