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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,564

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Time to re-share this:

I shared this here and on facebook in November. It helped cushion the shock with hearing exactly what I could not better express.
Because, ignoramus right wing fuckwads: how prophetic could Tess have been?:
"when all of this is over, you will have NOTHING that you wanted."

RWNJ martyrs

I don't have any other plausible explanation for why the RWNJ's want to stage (stooge?) these "patriot" rallies smack in rival territories especially at this time. Perhaps a few are just seeking media attention, and unfortunately they are getting it:
Great. Now they have victimization boo-hoo's to share on their Breitbart and other hate sites. Nothing to compare to the gun and vehicular assault and murder of Charlottesville yet, but they certainly are poising their potential martyrs.
My Mendo/Lake colleagues and friends were all afraid to attend any activities in the city this weekend for fear of violence that didn't happen there.
I only have these words of wisdom to offer those of the anarchist and Antifa variety: Both Barack Obama and Jesus have the best advice: Turn the other cheek. Be the adult in the room. Calm yourselves in the face of idiotic RWNJ's. and:
Give them enough rope. They're already managing to hang themselves.

Shell shock

I've found myself having to take hiatuses from the news cycle. I stand fairly confident there are hoardes of other Democrats in the same conundrum, ducking and dodging to avoid the immersion tactics of plethora media to remind us all daily of Donny the Bully. I've found I'm often unable to post commentary near as often as I did before the great Shocknado of November, the concurrent DU hacking not only via sheer avoidance of feeling like I'm commenting on asinine garbage I thought we'd collectively gotten past decades ago, but avoiding the emboldened trolls.
I don't post under the same handle I did before, I utilized the DU crash to repackage a previous handle that had me "typecast".
It sickens me to read of HuffyFrump attacking the vulnerable as a bully does. Not like we didn't see it coming.
And makes me hope with 10 times the fervor that wasn't so all consuming during the dark days of Bush II that enough of the Frump loyalists have finally heard enough of the tantrum to behave as responsible adults by 2020.
Regretting any commentary that I may have posted prior to these PTS disordered days that could have been co-opted by the trolls to strengthen their base's resolve.

Focus on your own damn Family, Pence!!!

Pence promises hate group they have President Trump’s ‘unwavering support’:

***Lambchopp shudders***:
I'd wondered for 2 years at my place of employment why one certain 300 lb employee always got a look on her face like she smelled something bad every time I saw her.
Then came the day our lunchtime coincided, she smugly folded up her FOTF rag and looked for somewhere else to eat... somewhere away from this terrible queer man.
So badly I'd like to say to her:
"Focus on your own damn Family!!!"

I'm posting this link here, because what is said in the videos is a teachable moment

applicable any time anyone hurls an insensitive slur.
as well as get a load of the dozens of zingers thrown about. Wow.

metaphysical vs. metaphor

Any religion can be utilized to sow the seeds of hate and division, or turn on the grey matter, filter the garbage and sow the seeds of love, awareness and actualization that we're all on this speck of dust in space together.

Me? I'll stand by this guy:

Their witch-hunt commences:


We are so f*cked


I'm feeling unsafe. Even in a relatively "blue" area.

I'd taken a job in largely rural northern california just over two years ago now. It was comfortable at first, but Trump's election has changed all that for me here.
Regardless of extending LGBT rights and protections from the parent company I'm signed with:
I don't feel safe here any more.
These well armed Trumper idiots are getting bolder, and with the meltdowns of their fuhrer, I believe more of them will snap.
And I might as well be walking around here with a rainbow flag target with Hillary's face in the middle on my back.
I'm dealing with some latent homophobia here, but it's clear to me now that an entity that I reported for less-than latent disrespectful actions is looking for more sly ways around trashing my life or professionalism.
I don't see this getting better.
I do see a few of the Trumper's I know of being extra non-sociable with me, extending the ten-foot-pole when possible.
And I've seen this movie before.
It concluded with me running for my life.
There's a lot more complexity to this than I have the time and energy to go into now, it may not even be totally safe to address much of what I see brewing on any public format.
I don't know what it will take, I know it will take every dollar I have to do so, but by fall, I'm moving back to the relative safety of the bay area.
And leave the scheming assholes who would have me imprisoned or murdered to reading their "Focus on Other People's Family" rags in the lunchroom in peace.

In the mindset of the Trumpeteer:

I work an ancillary medical job in a relatively rural area of California. A blue county, but some boisterous RW'ers.
One elderly gent I had a hand in caring for shortly before November's election was wearing his red "Make America Grunt Again" hat, the whole time I did my job he grumbled about "That damn Hillary better not get in there"... followed by all the expected RW talking points well pounded into his senile head.
Avoiding the politics subject to do my job as required, and directing him back onto questions related to why he was being seen through the emergency room, a couple of his off-subject ranting responses stood out:
"I don't go to doctors".
I cannot say this to him, but, my internal though processes go straight to "Hmm, is that why you're here now with pneumonia, pancreatitis, cirrhosis and 2 different kinds of cancer?"
"They gotta get rid of that damn Obamacare"
Once again, I'm forbidden to comment, but the dumb fucker doesn't even realize that the increased patient load, the fact we have new equipment to diagnose his conditions, the reason that my job is highly in demand right now over the late 2000's when the job market for my specialty totally bottomed out is... Obamacare.
This old grandpa was so RW brainwashed that his entire perception of his own reality is enough to make any caregiver facepalm themselves.
We stand in grave danger of going right back to all the problems the ACA helped to solve. NO, it wasn't perfect. No essentially free-market plan can be. But I get so angry at the republicans that put the "No public option" poison pill into the ACA, and now are ready to give the insurance lobby all the greedy profiteering without having to take care of pesky nutjobs like the aforementioned.
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