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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,564

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Fox noise bamboozling the alt/right about Obama

Just out of curiosity, a google search of how fox news is reporting Trump's wiretap claim produced Hannity's delusional dogpile:

Oh, the tangled web of obfuscation Sean weaves.

I hope Sir Patrick Stewart's commitment to help us by obtaining US citizenry catches on.

I bow my head to Sir Patrick, and hope such may begin a fever against the current repubsickailment. 1000 ml qd common sense, charitable manners and proactive counter anti-immigration backfire truly light the candalaria against the Drumpher's obfuscative preadolescent twitter tantrums hiding from guilt in his bathrobe.


It's been nice not to be incinerated in nuclear holocaust so far.

My worst fears have just begun. Preadolescent warmonger in chief is going to get us nuked.

F#ck this austerity shit. I may end up in a cardboard box under a freeway bridge again.

Here we go again.
Watch out, anyone who reads this, I'm cutting loose my rage.
PTSD runs deep in me. Starting from when my father attempted to murder me at 16 years old because he found out I am gay. I'd put up with extraordinary bullying for two years previous to my dad's horrible act, and I ended up 1000 miles from my home dumpster diving, hustling, anything I could do to survive. And sleeping in a big cardboard box I found to stay warm and dry in a hiding place in the city. I can only thank some kind people who are long dead now for helping me with a hand up.
It's been a long struggle, I've never known a "conventional" home. I live in a travel trailer now and and took blood, sweat and more agonizing times scraping and scrimping to even afford this. And I have absolute rage towards every Republican asshole who made it harder to get myself even into a modest home 40 years later.
I got badly hurt in another anti-gay hate crime in 2009. My insurance kicked me off their plan. I had several surgeries I had to pay for on Care Credit and cash. It wiped out all my retirement savings. I've started a plan again, but still have largely nothing to depend on when the time comes beyond social security retirement to scrape by on to my grave.
Every time these favor-the-rich and screw-the-poor bastards gain power, I've ended up unemployed and homeless again. End of the Bush II era my dog and I were sleeping in my car at the hot springs till I could finally get a contract, few and far between at the time.
With the last 8 years of President Obama, things finally, really, did "get better" for me. I'm finally considered an equal to the straights, finally not facing the prospect of getting thrown out of another job or another place to park my home because of some holier than thou fucker who hates LGBT.
Now I see an incoming administration that threatens to reverse all that and bring back the "good ol days" of fucking the poor in the holy name of Jeebus all over again. And it makes me sick. Literally. I'm on BP meds again, and although I'm fairly secure in my job now, I've seen changes of management that turned that security on it's head for me.
The odd part is, I often dream of how I actually felt safe, for the first time in years, hiding in a cardboard box under a freeway bridge. I knew, being far from the bullies, far from my father who would have tried again to put me in a grave, far from the same motherfuckers who I have little doubt have put the orange clown in office. The same who think it would be "christian" for me to be tortured and killed. The same who are just fucking Nazis, deep down inside their rotten souls.
I've adopted, inadvertently, some Buddhist philosophy in my life: in that the times I had nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, and no one who cared, I had to learn to love and accept myself, as I am.
But for once in my metal box I live in now, I felt confident that things had changed for the better. I felt I finally had a place in the world and a stake in my future once again.
And then the Donald. He lied, as he constantly does, saying there is no better friend to the gays, turned right around and appointed the most greedy, homophobic, racist, unprincipled, selfish, self-righteous set of cabinet ever a nightmare could assemble.
It's never failed. Every time republicans get power, after a few years I'm homeless again.
Fuck this austerity shit.

Rhetoric reversal: "Trump derangement syndrome". WTF...

Recently an editorial from a RW'er apparently upset with the SF Chronicle's "liberal" bent wrote scathing rant utilizing the term "Trump Derangement Syndrome" apparently in an attempt to make an equivalency.
It's evidence to me that RW'ers steal our ideas and memes in order to create false equivalency. But I found this one particularly hypocritical.
Certainly in recent history has there been an incoming president as undeniably, evidently more deranged than the Donald.
This is going to be absolutely wild, folks, on top of dangerous....
To watch the RW nutjobs go completely bonkers trying to justify their total asshat clown.

True. None of the RW cult zombies will hear, or listen, or heed this.

No matter how succinctly, no matter the evidence, no matter what, they've been told only to listen to Fox and other cult leaders.
And it is time to start planning the lawsuit.
Fox has sold millions of citizens on a false product. They are endangering the lives and livelihoods of every creature on earth with their pandering to the oil cartels. They have conspired to commit total genocide, even at their own peril.
The evidence is overwhelming that man made climate change is an undeniable fact, and the doubt casting on their part is their culpability, and theirs alone. And it is far past time we began to collect the plaintiff list.
Without their ugly conspiracy to corruptly enrich and empower a handful of individuals at the cost of our air, our water, our food supply and rapidly accelerate the ecosystem damage beyond repair, they are guilty without a shadow of doubt.
And I'd like to start hearing from those who know the legal system about how this can be accomplished. To break and stop for all goodness sake and the future of mankind and all living things, this genocidal conspiracy.
The entire list of them have profited as billionaires selling this country a pack of lies.
And it's time it was stopped, the damage start to be repaired, and their ill gotten gains returned to the people who have had to pay the ransom just to get to work and travel.
This country should have had fuel efficient, super fast and eco friendly fast trains running everywhere by now.
Instead, we are still bowing to the filthiest, most corrupt, most dangerous and malevolent means and oligarchs.

Maybe it takes a lot of painful consequences to make an electorate awaken

Certainly the Ayn Rand worshipping conservatives are relishing in the outcome of their hateful campaign.
But I believe one of the most illustrative characters of the last century displays the crass greed and brazen selfishness that could, possibly, even soak the thick skulls of those who put the new buffoon into high office:

I believe Frank Capra's epic should be compulsory viewing for all Trump voters this year, enhanced with a hit of LSD.

No, I'm not new. I'm nightscanner repackaged, thanx, so pls don't "welcome me to DU."

The most frustrating part of all you said is attempting to convince the RW's programmed zombies to shut off frickin' FOX noise and listen to the real facts. They blast back the false equivalency that their confabulations are just as valid as our facts because the FOX said so with slick graphics and stuffed suits to lend the veneer of validity.
This said only having watched enough FOX years ago attempting to care for my now posthumous father, who passed on laden with every reprehensible form of bigotry that has now carried a ruthless dictator to power over our nation.
But I saw enough. Enough to see the "don't believe anyone else, we tell you the truth" meme. Enough to watch a media empire lay waste to magnanimous amounts of factual information from every well accredited institution of higher learning in the whole world with "It's all left wing conspiracy" crap.
Yes I've had enough. And I'd love to join the masses in protest. But reality sets in. I'm gay. I was denied all inheritance. I recycle paper cups for as many uses as I can before tossing them. I barely make my car and rent payments and it's been that way for this 57 year old since Ray Gun. I've spent months at a stretch unemployed after the republicans lay waste to our economic base while fat cats buy new islands.
I could no more afford a ticket to a Washington protest nor the time from work lest my fragile barely-above-homeless raft sinks.
And I believe that is by design.
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