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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 970

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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6 a.m. PBS house map. Big, scary Orca coming to devour you, Mr Drumph.

Civic minded libido... LOL

Even if he's not quite up my alley, I admire Gus' convictions here:
And just enough added libido hint to doing his part to the religious reich!

Let's review: TDS staff via Trevor had you nailed at 1 week, Orange Joker.

Not one notion presented here nearly 2 years ago has evolved in pResident very-good-brain's world:

I call 1000 MAGA's shouting "Lock her up"-- a mob.

Kudos, Cody! He took the words right out of my mouth from 1:58 on.

Climate science, deplorables... science. period.

What I talk about to everyone I'm blue in the face also. DU'er probably all know the info here and actively take proactive steps.
HFC's!!! Really?? We're double f*cked.

Now here's a GOTV one:

another after hours post. I'm with Kap too. I'm angry at that orange mofo too, E:


My primary physician shared this link for hurricane Florence relief donations


Mentioning Plano in the 1960's to a fellow DU'er got me looking for a pic

Jokingly mentioning that we occasionally shopped, laundered and perhaps grabbed a sandwich in a little town called Plano!
And there it was, the first pic on the link below: I recall being towed along in 1966 -8 or so with my mother doing laundry at that mat. my odd memory is asking mom "What's Speed Queen?" I was about 7 years old...LOL. I recall, to the best of my 60 years, this little strip was right along the street we used to take out of Richardson. (not I-75, but I think it joined up with it)
If the Rite Way cleaners sign was still up these days some would be stopping to look for a bowl of chicken Pho.
I got re-Californicated for work in 2004, but before then I never got the chance to re-tour this old area if I could even find it these days. Do any of these old buildings still exist? All I ever saw of Plano in recent years was fully new, gentrified.
I'm emailing my older brother who probably remembers more.
Plano was usually cut off the DFW inset or page on Tx maps at the time.

Then this one shows Plano as along the I-75:.

F Trump (adult language flag, kids in bed, k?) then get down with these amigos!

Myself ready for some happy Fluck Frump Fun today! No MAGA hatted fools in this 'hood.

"We ain't gonna letcha fuck up 4 years!"
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