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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,564

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Get a load of this:

I most likely wasted my time posting a reply to this Nazi fool:
Question on Quora: After President Trump is re-elected in 2024, should he set up re-education camps for leftists/communists/democrat people? https://www.quora.com/After-President-Trump-is-re-elected-in-2024-should-he-set-up-re-education-camps-for-leftists-communists-democrat-people?ch=15&oid=127107755&share=a467189c&srid=ubBUua&target_type=question

Leave it to our ex president Carter to say

With more concision and eloquence I can muster about this:
Half the so called Xtians in this country walk right past Jesus's "brethren" starving on the street to go "drink duh little grape juice and eat duh little cracker" in thousand dollar suits, Gucci bags and pumps.
Often the fall into homelessness starts simply falling through the cracks, or by banishment from religious pretentiousness, like in my case, RayGun Era.
No, I didn't drink or "do dwugs". I made solid 3.6 in school. But I got outed as gay in my redneck hometown and "run off" by the same ilk it nauseates me to realize they're cranking up the Nazi shit again.
I've yet to ever have even one single POSITIVE experience from the churchy ilk in over half a century now, other than singing gig in a gay men's chorus.
So before playing the "probably ruined his/her life with drugs" attitude, which may be true now...
It's the excesses and the locked doors at "God's houses" all over the country, the jonesed up extravagances so many parishioners believe they divinely deserve, and token donations only to "help" organizations that only pennies ever reach their intent, while the reality of that person walked past briskly as not to smell the balance of excess is trying to just get through another insanely miserable day.
Otherwise, "Xtians" when anyone is sleeping on that church's doorstep, you've failed the test, you've bamboozled yourself, cloaked yourself in fears, and created an embarrassment to the world that giving a dollar to some homeless person does not come close to a solution.
TFG, like a stopped clock, tangented onto the right idea for the wrong reason, of course, about the homelessness issue. It's everyone's responsibility and it's long past time minimal shelter, voluntary rehab, outreach services (real soup ktchens, not preachy shit) were revived by these jet set church bastards who purport their "goodness and mercy".
And of course Fox News ilk like Tucker have some boogersome karma coming.

Latest Randy Rainbow

They say all strongman are dumb.


Cracked the case, this one...

Who skipped his dose of thorazine one morning, obviously:

Just had to share this


With all the Hx we know, "I'm the least racist" makes me hurl

The moment one thinks Tucker Carlson couldn't get any more infantile

On his Thursday night program, Carlson sought to stir up his sadism and prejudice into something that he thought would be fun. So he presented his audience of deplorables with a Twitter poll to rename the Monkeypox. Because what could be funnier than some jokey names for a disease that is contagious and painful?

Carlson's poll included the following suggestions for a new name: Hunter Hives; Midterm Variant; Adam Schiffilis; and Sclong Covid. Note that three of the choice were overtly political, albeit typically infantile in nature. The fourth was profane and purposefully derogatory toward gay men who are among the sufferers. And of course, it was the fourth that won.


TFG goes full-on authoritarian: executions, internment camps

Holy Moly, I just don't have the words to express my disgust:

So so so sick of Gonad Trump Nazifest

I can't even keep up with the cringeworthy "Groomer" anti-LGBTQ incident headlines from the recent RWNJ Florida hatefest.
As predoctable as their dated RWNJ narratives became more difficult to maintain:
Misogynist anti-choice now a hemorrhaging wound.
The anti vaxxer shit fell apart.
Denying climate change getting the undeniable reality smackdown.
"Stop the steal" fracturing their own into Trumpers vs RINO's..
Fox News "Biden did that" whining narrative is on life support especially as a full on distraction from the hearings.
Then Gonad Trump went full on fairy tale about his stupid border whall.
Scott Snot and ilk no longer hide the low income-bashing narrative.
So all they have left are the most puerile "radical left democrats" confabulatuons:
How us evil LGBTQ are coming for your chilluns so "burn duh books".
I just can NaZi how much more sanity they can alienate.

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