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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,576

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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I recall how progressive public transit was in Carter's future agenda

And how quickly it all got repealed under oily-garch puppet RayGun.
I've lamented here before how this screwed all of us.
Watched over the decades that Fox News extinguished all hope of alternatives to polluting, individually powered luxury transport. Even to all our demise.
I read with intrigue as practically the whole rest of the world moves people in communal luxury.
As "Duhmarican exceptionalism stares at "BROUGHM" on the dash.
Now here's yet more proof how idiotic we've been about this:

While the USA got it's head stuck up it's "Murica nummer won" 1950's poop chute

The rest of the world made progress.

Early teenage years reading about the fantastic systems in Popular Science magazine, predicted to criss cross our nation, I grew up and watched the auto/rubber/oil oilygarchs jail us all deeply into debt, paying exhorbitant insurance, tolls, taxes, fuel, licence fees, traveler assistance programs, snooty jonesing better-car syndrome, choking on CO2 and complex carbon gasses, lead poisioning, deteriorating highways, bridges, more and more unsustainable hellacious traffic, traffic violations, policing, road ragers, drunk drivers, horribly injurious collisions, repair costs, accessories, crappy glassed-in attitudes, noise...
I cry, USA, we're getting increasingly stupid every year.

I love mushroom... anything mushroom...

Recent bladder CA Dx

The most horrifying discovery that I can't tolerate the treatment. I'm now shunned by my urologist who has no interest in listening to me.
The initial scope was painful, embarrassing and most distressing to me-- brought back PTSD nightmares about a childhood rape experience. Weird experience that took me decades and a lot of therapy to get over. That is until getting scoped.
I finally have an appointment with another urologist June 9th whi hopefully is more understanding about my request for sedation.

Just for fun

Frankincense study...

Posted without comment for later perusal.

The "intolerant" left

RW media outlets have been twisting themselves into pretzels for so long now their hosts and followers have lost all sense of reality. This graphic represents what I get too emotionally invested in to express succinctly:

Fascination with a co-worker's projection

Sometimes we all just must accept and shine on the absurd. Present gig has me situated with a co-worker with a good work ethic, mediocre sense of humor, largely pleasant demeanor. Not an anti-vaxxer as expected in ancillary medical gigs but possesses a consumingly nonsensical Xtian faith. Most cringeworthy, although by agreement we avoid political discussions beyond my providing some science based websites I suggest he peruse.
The interesting observation: this cohort will start pacing, getting agitated and projecting his sublimated guilt as digs about my "lib" stance---
*Just prior to stepping out to smoke a cigarette.*
Laughable if not such moments I dare not poke the bear.

HIV status no longer bars military service

A triumph of logic over the pentagon:

Anyone else notice wildly inappropriate ads tend to flank the site?

It seems Google's algorithm only detects "political" content, and I tire of flagging idiotic RW "gun rights" or other stupid meme T-shirts, "approve of Trump" or "frown on Biden" ads. Cheese, do they ever need to refine that algorithm. I've clicked "ad was inappropriate" countless times now.
Although it's a bit amusing attempts to sell loud, overstated T shirts no one would catch me dead in simply from poor, pedestrian taste, even if the messages were sensible on them.
Now here's a tasteful T shirt:
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