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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall in futility

Bringing this subject up, science has been solidly predicting disaster for over 50 years now. Even mentioning we must make massive changes in the way we all get around brings scoffs of childish idiocy especially from those still driving their huge gashogs.
It 's way past time it hit major media outlets.

No president of mine is without a canine

And the Bidens have two!

Western USA on fire


Is this over the top? I can never tell.


My brief discussion with a MAGA today

This client was 80 years old. She was commenting on all the choking smoke here in California. Then she lit the match...
"Why do you suppose this is happening?"
"Climate change" I retorted.
"Pish..." came her unthought-out reply, but that was abbreviated. In one sudden realization I saw the gears in this fool finally starting to turn.
So, I continued...
"No one can realistically look outside to see the devastation, the brown air, the sun that looks like an orange moon in the sky without considering
That this is getting worse yearly.
That billions of earth's inhabitants cannot continue to drive large, luxurious, individually powered vehicles without laying waste to the planet."
It was those last statements that placed this person in a position of reconsideration of all the lies we've been continually told by tRump and co..
The reaction was jaw dropping. Hearing this from a science based professional person of some authority really hit hard.
I believed I may have reversed course on a MAGAt today.
And all it took was the entire western USA on fire to do it.
Her last statement, muttered to herself as I wheeled her out to her car through all the smoky haze was:
"I've been a goddamn fool".

Familiar with that "one drop" rule am I

With a humorous 1960's and later revelation anecdote I can share. I was about 6 years old and confused why my father, myself and my siblings were relegated to a separate table in the garage at my grandparent's home come dinnertime when our great grandparents were still alive. Double down on that confusion when my grandmother explained it was because we had the "bad blood" (native American). Oh, my...
Convinced was I this was some sort of disease, when my mother took me to the doctor for a checkup upon our return home, I bravely held out my 6 year old arm and told the doctor he needed to test my blood. To the confused head tilts from both doctor and mom, I explained:
"Grandma said I have the bad blood." Mom turned a funny shade of red and said "I'll explain".
Fast forward 40 years, and a summer motorcycle tour of some of my relatives abodes with my lily white blood cousin proved out to be sickeningly interesting, some where I wasn't even welcomed in the door, and others where I was "jeckled", Fox Noise blaring in the background. (!?) What an embarrassing mistake assuming blood was thicker than prejudice. Embarrassed I'm related to these idiots and why my "polluted" branch of the family has always been on the west coast, separated. My brother explained it was also why my mom had to elope with dad to California way back when to marry him. I admit to some lifelong ignorance how just that bit of darker skin tone of mine... still has me "caste" as an untouchable. I won't make that mistake again.

Retrospective reflection on a moment of "white privilege".

It was summer of 1980. Ray Gun had just gained control and the "Moral Majority" idiots were riding their high horses.
I had finished putting together a wrecked Yamaha 650 twin out of a couple wrecked ones from the junkyard. I was itching to take a weekend ride. So from So Cali, I headed I-15 north, then I-70 west. I had taken Monday off so I could take a good junket. Saturday, after a tent night in the desert, I crossed over the Utah line.
Uh, Oh, here he came in a tire squealing police turn on the highway to stop that longhaired, slightly dark skinned motorcyclist in my Glacier glasses and California plates. I recognized right away that having my pink triangle button in view as he approached was probably not a point in my favor either.
He demanded me to kickstand my bike, yelled at me to stand at "attention" facing the road at a place about 10 feet away facing the road. I complied. He proceeded to dismantle my packframe, another backpack and my sleeping bag. He was intentionally throwing items of clothing into the muddy bog roadside as he pretended he was looking for drugs. The frustration this guy was experiencing at not finding any contraband was palpable. I had a suspicion he'd try to plant something, but one thing, I believe, stopped that effort. On the backpack full of first aid items I had my EMT patch. That troubled him. It wouldn't look good planting something into a medical professional's stuff. He stopped there, had more moments of wavering frustration, walked over, demanded my license and registration, I made sure my star of life card was also visible to him as I did, he "inspected" them and handed back to me in a second or so, finally yelled something akin to "watch your driving" as he turned to stomp back, slamming his oversized cop car door and spun the wheels taking off.
Now, three strikes against me with this older, grey haired, overweight and likely CONSERVATIVE "cough" "officer" "ahem" made me wonder... I wasn't speeding. I wasn't handling the bike in any questionable manner. What made him stop me in such an emergent manner?
And what likely would have happened had I also been black?

"Pass the salt ministries"... LMFAO.

I won't even attempt to slice and dice this nutjob's... em... "viewpoint". It seems ever since the election of DT the worms that remained relatively isolated and mostly harmless have become empowered, blowing NAZI-fried garbage all over the internet, airwaves and platforms that truly worry me not so much about blowhards like this but what the well-armed, easily triggered and deeply indoctrinated RWNJ's will do next.
November 9th, 2016 I awoke and became truly stunned to hear DT had actually won the presidency. Stunned and nauseated to think of the possibilities, yet never anticipated it really would get this bad.

No, deplorable, this is not adorable.


I want to remind the Biden campaign of this winner of a campaign promise:

Certain to motivate potential young voters who otherwise might not be bothered:

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