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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,574

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Focus on your own damn Family, Pence!!!

Pence promises hate group they have President Trump’s ‘unwavering support’:

***Lambchopp shudders***:
I'd wondered for 2 years at my place of employment why one certain 300 lb employee always got a look on her face like she smelled something bad every time I saw her.
Then came the day our lunchtime coincided, she smugly folded up her FOTF rag and looked for somewhere else to eat... somewhere away from this terrible queer man.
So badly I'd like to say to her:
"Focus on your own damn Family!!!"

I'm posting this link here, because what is said in the videos is a teachable moment

applicable any time anyone hurls an insensitive slur.
as well as get a load of the dozens of zingers thrown about. Wow.

metaphysical vs. metaphor

Any religion can be utilized to sow the seeds of hate and division, or turn on the grey matter, filter the garbage and sow the seeds of love, awareness and actualization that we're all on this speck of dust in space together.

Me? I'll stand by this guy:
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