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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 04:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,633

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Anyone else notice wildly inappropriate ads tend to flank the site?

It seems Google's algorithm only detects "political" content, and I tire of flagging idiotic RW "gun rights" or other stupid meme T-shirts, "approve of Trump" or "frown on Biden" ads. Cheese, do they ever need to refine that algorithm. I've clicked "ad was inappropriate" countless times now.
Although it's a bit amusing attempts to sell loud, overstated T shirts no one would catch me dead in simply from poor, pedestrian taste, even if the messages were sensible on them.
Now here's a tasteful T shirt:


Having never been one since my tweens susceptible to deity myths, mulling over my recent cancer diagnosis simply didn't sideswipe me in the "classic" sense. I have to admit the very existence of backward, idiotic repuglicans disgusts me so profoundly, has caused my gay self more issues than I can count or care to recall. Truly I thought we'd evolve further than the likes of "Don't say Gay" bills, book burnings and vaccine retardation by now. November 2016 I was more inclined to apply for the peaceful euthanasia option than after 2020 by far. Still, my thoughts turn to a Voyager episode that stirred me and my own death wishes.

I want to take the hands off the clock. Trip the light fantastic or simply be truly at peace. "Because it's all been done" said the death-wish Q being, what a ridiculous irony that the Trekkie legend of the "Q" perverted now into such an idiotic connotation. Just put me down. I don't feel badly having not deposited a DNA replicant of myself, not to a world killing off it's own food chain, destroying the balance to breathe fresh air and with literally billions of it's inhabitants so sold on selfish myths. Omegan and fine with that, last of my line.
Filling out the papers to donate my body to science, I hope they can find me since I plan on being on the road till my heart stills.
Just seems part of an oddly drab routine now.
And there's an endless desert road just outside of here.
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