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Pussyhat news part 4

Practical reasons for wearing a pussyhat when you travel:

1. It's easy to spot your traveling companion in a crowd at the Passport lines.

2. When you attend a sporting event that's televised in the US, you can spot yourselves in the audience.

3. It's warm and cheerful.

Pussyhat news part 3

The first one I gave away was to a young woman in the Toronto airport who'd been at the Washington march but didn't get a hat. The Iceland Air flight attendants asked us (we were miraculously bumped up to "Saga Class" and had hovering attendants) about the hats. We explained that they demonstrated support for women's rights and resistance to Donald Trump. One of the women said "You know, he said some very rude things about women,," and when I told her that they were called pussyhats for that very reason, she laughed as much as a Viking can.

On the Iceland Air flight to Heathrow (where we were unfortunately not bumped up and it was hell I tell you) I sat next to a drunk Icelandic schoolteacher, who asked about my hat. I told her, and she said "Trump said he would grab women by their pussy!" so I gave her and one of her colleagues (they were on their way to a conference in Bristol) hats.

In London, we got friendly smiles at our hats, but when we went to Bath, a woman came up to us on the street and asked if they were pussyhats. We said yes, and she asked if she could take a picture. Of course we said yes, and then I asked her if she'd like to have my hat. She was really very happy to have it, immediately plopped it on her head and walked away.

Pussyhat news part 2

My trip to Iceland was with about 20 members of my college class, and a couple of us already had pussyhats. I gave only one away to that bunch, but one of my best college friends, my husband and I, wearing our pussyhats, protested outside the US embassy in Reykjavik on Not My Presidents Day. We were asked to move away from the entrance by a security guard, which made us hope we might get arrested, but no such luck. We were photographed by lots of teenagers who probably had no idea of what we were doing, but we felt pretty proud of ourselves.

Pussyhat news part I

We visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last month and were pleasantly surprised to see a pussyhat prominently displayed:

A simple fashion accessory became a powerful symbol on January 21, as women around the globe gathered en masse to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump for the Women’s March. Many were wearing pink pussyhats, with little cat ears, a sartorial reference to the former reality star’s infamous hot mic remarks about how his fame allowed him to get away with groping women.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, which sees women around the world striking from work as a followup to the march for A Day Without a Woman, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London has announced the acquisition of one of those thousands of handmade pink hats, the BBC reports.

The pussyhat became “an immediately recognizable expression of female solidarity and symbol of the power of collective action,” said museum curator Corinna Gardner in a statement, calling it “an important acquisition.”

More at https://news.artnet.com/art-world/victoria-and-albert-museum-pussy-hat-884771
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