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Sean Spicer referred to "the dossier"

when he was evading a question about Jared Kushner's Russia troubles. He said that it was so questionable that most media outlets had refused to publish it.

The only document I'm aware of that's called a "dossier" is the one with the pee story, and that is a document that most media outlets did not publish.

Is Jared somehow connected with Golden Showers?

This is too icky to think about.

My Elderly Husband Nearly Started a Riot at the Polling Place

this morning. He referred within the Republican committeeman's hearing to our president as "that lying sack of shit." Words were exchanged, partisans of both sides yelled at each other.

I think my husband won because the Republican's parting shot was "I'll pray for you."

Mother's Day carnations?

Anybody else grow up in a place and time when Mother's Day was celebrated with carnation corsages worn to church? Red or pink if your mother was alive, white if she was dead. As a kid, I wanted it to be red for alive, white for dead, and pink for ailing. As usual, nobody asked my opinion.

My husband and I were talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders

and how she would be a sweet target for an SNL parody. The tricky part is to resist body-shaming of this large woman. My first thought--and the one SNL went with--was to put a dark wig on the heavy female cast member, but then it occurred to me that it would be much more devastating to use the slim dark-haired cast member for SHS. You could really rip her to shreds without being mean about her physical appearance (and she does look like Marie Osmond) or trying to ignore an obvious physical characteristic. I wish people would consult me before they put stuff on TV.

He is not a "self-made businessman"

I know it, you know, everybody knows it--except may Jack Kingston, CNN's mealy-mouthed conservative spokesmodel. Donald Trump is not "self-made"; he inherited a multi-million dollar business from his father, who as far as I know *was* a self-made businessman.

The AP estimates that Trump's fortune grew about 300% between 1988 and 2015. During that same time period, the S&P 500 has grown 1,336%. If Donald Trump had simply invested his inheritance in an index fund, he would be much richer than he is today. I might argue, in fact, that not only is he not self-made, he's a pretty bad businessman. In a sense, he has lost money over the years.


Oh my glob

McCabe pronounces it "nucular." Homer Simpson is the acting director of the FBI.

It begins: WV reporter arrested for questioning Tom Price

As Tom Price, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, headed to a meeting at the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston on Tuesday, a reporter from the Public News Service trailed after him in a hallway.

The reporter, Dan Heyman, wanted to ask about the health care legislation the House passed last week to replace the Affordable Care Act.

With his Android smartphone in hand to use as an audio recorder, Mr. Heyman said in an interview on Wednesday, he reached over some of the staff and security members surrounding Mr. Price.

According to an audio recording Mr. Heyman provided, he asked whether domestic violence was going to be a pre-existing condition under the new legislation.

“Do you think that’s right, or not?” he called out.

He asked twice more and when there was no response, Mr. Heyman said: “You refuse to answer? Tell me no comment.”

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, was with Mr. Price, and at one point in the recording, a man’s voice is heard saying: “Do not get close to her. Back up.”

After persisting in his questions for nearly a minute, Mr. Heyman was pulled to the side by officers of the West Virginia Division of Protective Services, also known as the Capitol Police, handcuffed and charged with a misdemeanor count of willful disruption of governmental processes. He spent eight hours in a local jail before the news service posted a $5,000 bail for his release.

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