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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 05:05 PM
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To hell with the Pastafarians

I'm a proud Joyreiditarian.
Posted by cyclonefence | Sat Jul 1, 2017, 11:11 AM (5 replies)

You know you're dealing with a ruthless counter puncher

who hits back ten times harder when a guy responds to questions about his mental health by making fun of a woman who may or may not have had a facelift. We are dealing with one very tough guy, this president* of ours.

(I know I'm repeating myself, but I think it's important to put Trump's vaunted street fighter creds in proportion)

Is this the best he can do? What's next? "Joe Poopy-pants"?

Taunting a woman about a facelift

is "hitting back ten times harder?" OOoooooh. What a tough guy.

Poor Donald Trump

He doesn't understand. Joe and Mika were saying bad things about him (so he was told), and yet they wanted to come to Mar-A-Lago for New Year's.

Children learn this early: if you have really nice toys that no one else has, lots of kids will want to come play at your house. This does not mean, however, that you will be invited to their birthday parties.

How did he grow up a rich kid and not understand that people will tolerate you for the chance to benefit, if only by going to big parties, from your wealth?

I need help understanding what I've done to break the rules

I've had several posts removed in the past few days, and I don't understand why. I went over the rules again, and I still don't know what I did wrong. Since the posts are gone, I can't go back and look at them to see where I messed up. Is there a way I can retrieve removed posts, not to repost them but to examine them so I can try not to make the same mistakes?

Understand, I'm not questioning the rules or that I broke the rules. I'm sure I did, if my posts were removed. I just need to know specifically what I did wrong, so I won't do it again.

I would not bother with this except that it's happened so often lately. I really need to know what my errors are.

Thanks for any help.


Donald is celebrating his birthday with Balloons!!! on his twitter page!!1! I bet he gets *three* scoops at dinner tonight!!!


Over in the Megyn Kelly thread is a sidebar discussion about the origin of the word "bimbo." Several posters pointed out that it is an Italian term for (male) baby, and I want to use this hook to talk about a magnificent resource, The Historical Dictionary of American Slang, edited by J.E. Lightner. Published by Random House beginning in 1994, only the first two volumes actually appeared because of poor sales. This book is to American slang what the OED is to the English language, and it is invaluable.

According to the HDAS, "bimbo" first appeared in the US in print in 1918, in Rossano "Price of Honor": She flop! An' il bimbo he break da boni.

It is clearly referring here to a male, "il."

In 1920, however, in Zeidman "Burlesque": This Dix bimbo is a dangerous woman ... a sassy girl with ... more than a figure--a physique.

I think it's easy to see how the word for baby would move easily into "Hey, baby" territory, regardless of the infant's original sex. But isn't it cool that within a year the word had gained its current meaning?

Paul Ryan's missed opportunity

All those Republican apologists for poor, innocent Trump who just didn't know the ins and outs of dealing with arcane Washington mores--you know, like ethics that a fourth-grader would understand--really should have taken it upon themselves to tutor poor innocent Trump in the ways of government. Why didn't Mr. Rectitude Ryan take it upon himself, since it's been clear to all of us that Donald has no idea of how things governmental work, to spend time with him, explaining things to him in a way he could understand?

I agree that Comey (who we know is a villain for what he did to Hillary) is a coward. He should have said, from the start, "Mr. President, you simply cannot say things like that to me," and he should have given the "leaked" memo directly to the media. I think anyone who is the head of the FBI should be able to do these two things at least, and do them without thinking too much about it. The head of the FBI is not like you and me; his or her responsibilities outweigh our own by unimaginable magnitudes, so I don't have much sympathy for those who try to be understanding about Comey's cowardice.

But Paul Ryan's responsibilities also outweigh our own, and in this case, even Comey's. As speaker of the house, he has enormous power in this totally Republican government, and if he realized the President had serious gaps in his understanding, it was his duty as an American to step in and try to remedy the situation. And ditto for all the other Republicans who jumped on that bandwagon--why didn't they do anything about it before it came to this pass?

Edited to add (although it seems I'm too late)

My point is of course rhetorical. I understand full well that Ryan's excuse for Trump's behavior is total bullshit. I was in my own way calling Ryan on his bullshit.

A Modest Proposal

How about we stop using the phrase "main stream media" and call it what it is--the media? Especially now, with Fox viewership dramatically down and Breitbart losing sponsors, why don't we differentiate the "fringe media" from the media?

IOW, how come *normal* news outlets are labeled as if they are not the norm?
Posted by cyclonefence | Fri Jun 9, 2017, 07:49 PM (4 replies)

My shameful TV habits

Teen Mom
My 600-lb Life
Teen Mom OG --my Farrah Abraham/Deborah obsession has reached a psychologically-threatening level
16 and Pregnant

I hope the Russians aren't reading this. The blackmail potential would certainly prevent my appointment to any post in this administration.
Posted by cyclonefence | Sat Jun 3, 2017, 04:40 PM (3 replies)
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