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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 04:05 PM
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If Trump were to have Mueller fired

what would happen? I keep reading about this action provoking a "constitutional crisis," but I don't understand how that works. I know that getting rid of Mueller doesn't get rid of the investigation, but how is that a line Trump wouldn't dare to cross? Does anyone think the repubs in congress would do anything about it? I don't.

Has Everybody Seen Pauly Shor as Stephen Miller?


GO IGGLES!!!!!!!

Fuck Tom Brady.

Trump tries to co-opt the march


I can't go to the march today

but I had 9 pussy hats I'd planned to take to give out. So I drove over to the train station, figuring I'd sit there waiting for someone who looked like she was going to the march, and I'd ask her to take them for me. I thought I was early and that I'd have to sit there for a long time, so I brought a book. I pulled into the lot to find it about half full--on a Saturday; this is a commuter line--and cars of people getting out, some with pink hats. I drove up to the closest one and asked her if she'd take my hats in, and of course she said yes. But the important thing is--or things are: There were lots of people from my area outside Philly going to march and the people who didn't have pussy hats were wearing pink bandannas folded over and worn on their foreheads, like sweatbands.

I hope we'll see a pink tsunami today.

If Trump is stuck in DC

over the weekend, I shiver in delight thinking of how hard it's going to be to shield his eyes from the marchers. Mar-a-lago is much easier to block off from the world.

That cognitive ability test

Trump took. Remember, he asked to be tested, and we have heard from various sources that there is a standard test given to old people to check for early signs of dementia. What do you want to bet that he was given the test ahead of time--because they knew which test it would be--and prepared for it?

I suspect he would be able to pass the test anyway--as I recall, you're asked to draw the hands on a clock face to indicate a particular time, to draw a cube, and to follow-the-dots in a mix of numbers and letters (A1 to B2 etc)--but I think knowing ahead of time that he would be able to pass it without any trouble was important because older folks like me can be easily rattled when confronted with something unknown.

I mean, every single doctor who has commented on this has known what the test would be. How hard would it be for Trump's staff to ask his doctor--the goofy one--what kind of test he'd be given on cognitive abilities?

I'm reading the Wolff book

and so far no surprises--it's all been reported. But I have been appalled by the poor editing, and I'm not talking about fine points of grammar. On page 127, the winner:

"Bannon was making his first official pubic appearance..."

ETA Yes, I'm ten years old.

Pussy Hats

Last year, there was a campaign among conservative, mostly southern, women to condemn the iconic pink hats as representing vaginas. My husband encountered some of this when he was asked to remove his hat because it made some women uncomfortable. He asked why a pink knitted hat would make someone uncomfortable, and he was told it was vulgar. We live in the Philadelphia suburbs.

I see that this lie, that the hats are meant to represent female genitalia, is being resurrected to, I believe, discourage their wearing during the protests planned for the 20th. The images of seas of pink headgear were moving and powerful, and I can understand Trump supporters' not wanting to have to confront the photos these hats invite.

Now objections arise that not all women have vaginas, that the pink color is disrespectful of women of color. This is bullshit of the first order.

Pussy hats do not represent vaginas. They represent *cat* heads--the ears, an essential element of the hats, are a big clue. Vaginas do not have ears that stick up on either side. They are called pussy hats--i.e. pussycat hats--because "pussy" is the term Donald Trump used to describe vulvas--not vaginas, which are internal, but vulvas, which are what a person could grab. It's a clever use of the villain's own terms--taking back the insult, if you will, and making it our own by redefining it.

I hope everyone who marches will wear a pussy hat.

Norwegians consider us a shithole nation

Why would they want to move here?
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