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I thought spanky was a germophobe

yet he had unprotected sex with at least two women he wasn't married to.

I recall him on the Howard Stern show years ago talking about all the tests and medical examinations he wanted women to have before he had sex with them--was that just bullshit?

I ask because one of his denials about Peegate is that he is such a germaphobe that urine in a bed would skeeve him out, not arouse him.

I was feeling pretty smug

about never having had anything to do with Facebook, congratulating myself on not contributing to Cambridge Analytica's database, and then I thought about all those cute "personality tests" that have been posted here in the past few years, and how many of them I took part in. Some of them were strange, like "How Paranoid Are You?," but the weirdness was for me part of their comic charm. Anybody else suspect we might have been had by Steve Bannon et al.?


It's wonderful--MacKenzie Crooks of UK The Office stars and wrote. Sweet and funny as hell. I wanted it to never end.

It's about metal detector hobbyists, not police detectives.

Gal Gadot's remarks on Stephen Hawking

I would gently remind those of you who are sneering at the idea of "ableism" that what you are saying sounds a lot like RW talking points when discussing better-known shades of discrimination. Several years ago, few people talked about "agism," and I can't remember ever hearing so much talk of misogyny as I have in just the past fives years. I guess because so many magnitudes fewer people are affected by ablism, and because so many of those are not able to make their voices heard, it's easy to be unaware of words and attitudes that hurt, just as it's taken way too long for men to realize that women do not appreciate a pat on the butt, no matter how well-intentioned.

If you are unsure what "ableism" means:

Ableism refers to "discrimination in favor of able-bodied people," according to the Oxford English Dictionary. But the reality of ableism extends beyond literal discriminatory acts (intentional or not) to the way our culture views disabled people as a concept. Ableism is also the belief that people with disabilities "need to be fixed or cannot function as full members of society" and that having a disability is "a defect rather than a dimension of difference," according to the authors of one 2008 Journal of Counseling & Development article on the topic, as reported by Feminists with Disabilities. https://mic.com/articles/121653/6-forms-of-ableism-we-need-to-retire-immediately#.EKscbcl0N

Two questions

1. Is the Keith Schiller who testified that Trump turned down prostitutes in Russia--the only witness, apparently, to the offer of women and the indignant refusal--the same Keith Schiller who's being paid $15,000/month by the RNC for "consulting?"

2. What happens to schools' insurance premiums when teachers start packing heat?
Posted by cyclonefence | Fri Mar 9, 2018, 10:06 PM (0 replies)
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