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The Americans finale (spoilers in text)

Pretty good, I thought. Here is what bugged me: When they went to pick up Paige, why did both of them go? Plus these two slapped on disguises at the drop of a hat, yet they didn't even put on blonde wigs for this trip to Paige's apartment--and they knew the FBI was onto them. (an aside: why did they never use fat suits as a disguise?)

I thought Matthew Rhys was especially good--heart-breaking.

These medical advocacy groups oppose "right to try"

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
American Lung Association
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization
Breast Cancer Action
Bridge the Gap - SYNGAP Education and Research Foundation
Chloe's Fight Rare Disease Foundation
Congenital Hyperinsulinism International
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Disability Rights Legal Center
Dyskeratosis Congenita Outreach, Inc.
Fight Colorectal Cancer
FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered
Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance
Friends of Cancer Research
International Myeloma Foundation
International Society for Stem Cell Research
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Lung Cancer Alliance
LUNGevity Foundation
M-CM Network
MLD Foundation
Moebius Syndrome Foundation
Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation
National Brain Tumor Society
National Consumers League
National Health Council
National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)
National Patient Advocate Foundation
Oncology Nursing Society
The Prevent Cancer Foundation
PSC Partners Seeking a Cure
Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation
Susan G. Komen
TargetCancer Foundation
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
VHL Alliance
Wilkins Parkinsonís Foundation

ttps://www.acscan.org/sites/default/files/National Documents/February Right to Try Coalition Letter - Final.pdf

Please notice that most of these organizations represent rare conditions and cancer, two areas where you would expect interest in untried therapies to be higher than in more common diseases. If they oppose this legislation, there must be something wrong with it.

You know where they *really* sell porn at grocery stores?

Finland, that's where. That's why the Finns have so many school shootings.

PS I want to know where that congresswoman is shopping. Cosmo is as smutty as the Giant around here gets.

The National Welfare Rights Organization 1966-1975

A poster made a comment that resonated strongly with me: "racism usually happens out of my sight." Acts of institutional racism are being forced into everyone's sight with the advent of, among other things, body cams on police. It of course has not always been so, but there have been times in my life when I could have followed up on evidence--sometimes very slight and underreported evidence--of astounding racism being perpetrated right under my smug liberal nose. And perpetrated in my name as a taxpayer.

When I was a young schoolteacher in Philadelphia during the early 70s, I was aware of the NWRO's demonstrations as they were reported in the newspapers, but it was a time of demonstrations, and I didn't do anything to find out what was being protested. Because it was a civil rights cause, if asked I would have supported it, but I didn't know what it was about.

A year or so ago on NPR, some of the women who'd been active in the NWRO were interviewed about the protests. I learned things that horrified me. Welfare is a right very grudgingly granted to black families, in the 70s at least mostly black families headed by a single woman. I learned that the application forms for welfare had coded indicators to reveal the skin color of the applicant. It was policy that white families "just needed more money" than black families, and welfare was distributed under two different schedules.

One thing that could bump a female-headed family off welfare back then was if there were an able-bodied man living in the household. Black families were subjected to midnight raids, where everyone, even children, had to turn out of their beds so that inspectors could make sure there was no "fraud" being perpetrated. White families, if they were raided at all, were raided during the daytime, when any able-bodied man would probably not be home anyway.

There were other outrages, but unfortunately I am old and my memory isn't what it used to be. I tried to find information on the internet about what the other abuses were, but all I could find were articles about the NWRO itself, which was an astounding entity, truly a grass-roots movement with charismatic leadership that was able to bring about some changes. Unfortunately, many of the changes sparked reactionary legislation that wiped out most progress. Today's work for welfare is a direct descendant of the reaction to the work of the NWRO. I found this site
http://www.blackpast.org/aah/national-welfare-rights-organization-1966-1975 a very interesting and helpful read.

We can make yellow ICE bracelets

from 1/2 or 3/4 inch wide grosgrain ribbon, cut to length and glued into a circle. They need not exactly duplicate the real thing; the symbolism will be simple, clear and easy to see at a distance.

The sad fact is

that white people can do things black people can't do, simply because they are white. I am sure that somewhere there are statistics to back this up. White people can, for instance, call the cops on black people for no good reason and know that the cops will show up, prepared to protect them. Black people who call the cops for reasons good or bad have at least a slight chance of being shot to death by the cops for no good reason. That chance, however slight, is enough to make any sane person hesitate to call the cops. Thus we say that white people are "privileged." They--we--don't have to be afraid that the cops will kill us for calling 911.

Because you are white you have this advantage. Having white privilege doesn't make you a racist. Refusing to acknowledge that you have white privilege does.

And this is not just a theoretical or philosophical problem. It is important for Democrats to understand and embrace this. We need the black vote, and black voters need a party that will work together for a more just and equal society, a party that is inclusive not just in words but in supporting black candidates at all levels. One way to dilute white privilege is to elect more black people to be in charge.

Republicans lack empathy

and I don't mean empathy simply in the sense of being able to feel someone else's pain, although they clearly can't do that, either. I mean in a broader sense, that they can't imagine why other people react to stimuli, without considering how they themselves in the same situation would react.

I've been thinking about this in terms of the enormous brou-ha-ha about kneeling for the national anthem, which the right has successfully portrayed as disrespect for our country, and for veterans in particular.

If that were truly what the kneeling was about, why on earth would professional football players want to show disrespect for our country and veterans? Professional football players are among the wealthiest athletes in the world; they revel in bodies the rest of us can only dream about, they have celebrity usually of the most positive kind--why on earth wouldn't they be among the biggest boosters of the USA?

If you were a professional football player, would you show disrespect for your country?

That's where the RW falls down. It seemingly doesn't occur to them to wonder why, if no sane person in the situation professional football players find themselves in, would behave in this way--surely they would concede that if *they* were professional football players, *they* wouldn't do this--why do they assume this ridiculous non-fact? I'd like someone to ask a prominent RWer if he--because it's mostly he's here--as a PFP would want to show disrespect for our country. If the answer is no, of course not, then ask him why he thinks anybody else would be so different from him?

It's a convenient way to ignore the explanations, given clearly and often and so simply a child can understand, that the protest isn't a show of disrespect; it's a protest against injustice that ought to be joined in by every right-thinking person of whatever skin tone. But even if the RW chooses to ignore the truth, why do they have to go so far the other way and demonize the protests and protesters? Why do they embrace this insane suggestion that PFPs disrepect the USA?

And the inescapable answer, as it unfortunately always seems to be these days, is rooted in the fact that the injustice being protested is injustice against people of color. If anybody has any better explanation for this insanity, I wish they'd let me know because I am desperate for some good news about relations among people of differing skin tones.

What was the first dirty joke you ever heard?

Mine was this: Jack Benny told Marilyn Monroe that he wanted to park his car in her garage. I didn't have any idea of what that meant, yet it must've made some impression on me because I've remembered it for more than 60 years. And I don't remember jokes.

Nora Hale told it to me in the girls' bathroom in Capitol Elementary School in 1954.

Do you remember your first?

The Mighty Boosh!!!

Season One showing on Amazon! This show used to be available on Adult Swim (my favorite channel), but I never did see Season One. The Amazon version is from the BBC and includes material at the beginning of each show that I don't think was shown on AS.

If you've never seen it and you like really offbeat yet sort of cerebral and at the same time really dumb comedy, you ought to give it a try. I love it, but my husband has to leave the room when I'm watching it. He didn't like The Office, either, though. If you liked Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, you'll love this. You'll recognize some of the same actors.

Another Amazon discovery for us is Drop the Soap, a comedy about a soap opera, starring Jane Lynch. My husband does like this one.

I sure hope Amazon buys more seasons of Mighty Boosh. Vince Nuit forever.


If I forget to bring the big feeder in at night, it will be totally empty in the morning, no matter how full it was. This is annoying. In the past, raccoons have gone after this feeder, or its predecessors, but they always tore it down and took it apart on the ground (hence predecessors). This one stays hanging where it belongs, but gets emptied just the same. It is a tube with feeding stations, covered by a birdcage-like grille whose opening are barely large enough to let titmice enter.

Last night I went out to get the feeder, but the chickadees were still dining, so I went back inside and then forgot about it. At ten, which is like 2 am to me, I realized my error. I turned on the outside light so I wouldn't fall down the damn steps and voila--two big fat raccoons, one of them clinging to the pole and delicately lifting out a few seeds at a time, while the buddy watched from the ground. These were massive raccoons. I opened the door and said, "Aw, c'mon, fellows" figuring they'd scurry. But either because their cool would not allow them to run away, or because they were too damn fat to run, they calmly waddled off into the night, and I brought my feeder in.

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