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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 04:05 PM
Number of posts: 3,312

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An undertaker walked into a bar

and demanded a stiff drink.

How about this one

I semi-stole it, but I think I improved it.

Schrodinger walked into a bar and said "We'll never get out of here alive."

A Joke I Made Up

Sigmund Freud walks into a bar and says "What is the meaning of this?!"


It's been impossible to understand Republican support for Trump

among heretofore fairly sane Senators, and the best explanation has been that they're afraid if they oppose him, they'll lose substantial segments of Republican voters, and that may have been true. Or he might have had dirt on all of them, or pretended he did. In any case, we could make some kind of explanation, however crazy, for their behavior.

But why are they sticking with him now? Do they truly believe that MAGATS will continue to turn out in droves for Republican candidates who do not project the national image of bald-faced lying bluster, of pumped-up orange insanity that Trump offers?d Do they think any local candidate is going to give them the national exposure Trump has? Without his persona, the MAGATS are going to dissolve--anyone remember H. Ross Perot?

And as has been pointed out a zillion times, Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself. Do they think that out-of-office Trump is going to travel to Bumfuck MN to stump for Republican candidates? No way in hell is he going to exert himself for anyone else. If there seems to be the smallest chance he can run in 2024, he'll be out there, *using* local races to raise votes and funds for himself, but during the years out of office, assuming he's not in jail, he isn't going to do diddle for anyone else.

It's time for the rats to strap on their life-jackets.

Trump is trying to reduce that 306 count

Remember how he bragged about his "historic" 306 electoral vote count against Clinton? He realizes he has lost, but he just can't swallow the fact that he lost by the same electoral count as Clinton lost to him.

He's going to keep trying to get one state to turn, which won't be enough to change the election but which will salve his butt-hurt just enough to allow him to concede.

Seventy percent of Republicans believe election was fixed

No shower today.

It started with Kamala Harris

being named Joe Biden's running mate, then on to the election. The apparently successful vaccines moved the needle further on the dial, and I'm officially out of my funk. Proof? I've taken a shower two days in a row (just after discovering that if I apply anti-perspirant freely on parts of my body that I never have before allows me to go ten days without a shower).

Donald Trump: Disgruntled Ex-Employee

Oh Irony, where is thy sting? Why, there it is, right over there.

Frivolous lawsuits?

At some point, with all these pretty much identical lawsuits being thrown out of court, most of them as far as I can tell, after the judge's first question about the basis of the suit, isn't the Trump campaign liable for some kind of punishment for tying up the legal system with a bunch of silly, unwinnable litigation? In addition to their having to pay costs, I mean.

Please stop referring to Trump's behavior as "scorched earth"

and call it what it is: spiteful and childish. He wouldn't recognize a military strategy (like scorched earth) if it bit him in the ass.

He is a nasty little man.
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