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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 05:05 PM
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I have a strong suspicion that the rioters who seem to be part of otherwise peaceful protests

are RW plants. I do not believe that people protesting peacefully are destroying property or hurting people. The problem is that it's impossible to sort out the good guys from the bad.

I wonder if it's time to go back to the sit-ins of the 60's and instead of marching, sit or lie down peacefully, holding signs or not, and refuse to react to taunts and threats. For one thing, it will make it clear who the threats to life and property really are, and for another, passive resistance absolutely infuriates right-wingers. Their whole political "philosophy" is to "own the libs" and every time we react with distress or outrage we encourage them. If we gave them no reaction at all, but sat in silent testimony--like kneeling for the National Anthem--I think it might be the most effective show of resistance we can muster.

Almost everybody has failed Trump's memory test

It's person, woman, man, camera, tv; but 99% of the time people say person, man, woman, camera, tv.

Stop Asking Trump if he will "Accept" the results of the election!!!

It doesn't matter! What does his "accepting" the results even mean? To quote an asshole: "It is what it is." If he loses, he loses. His personal feelings have nothing to do with what happens next.

Are they trying to goad him into saying he will call out Bikers for Trump? The National Guard? The Armed Forces? Why on earth give him this opportunity to strut and flex for his nutso supporters?

We all have to accept the results of the election. We accepted the results of the last one, didn't we.

"We'll see what happens." You bet. We'll see the U-Haul backing up to the White House.

I have stopped watching cable news until

Biden names a running mate. I am tired of speculation; I am tired of waiting, and I don't understand why he has waited so long. I am annoyed by it all.

RVs, Fish, and vegetarianism

These are three areas in which my life has changed since I've been stuck inside, mostly watching TV and reading DU.

I have never been interested in recreational vehicles--or in camping of any kind--yet I find myself obsessively watching the several TV shows about RVs, big, small, and especially restored.

I'm still not interested in owning, using or looking at a real RV.

I have never been interested in fishing, but I have been seduced by Jeremy Wade and Zeb Hogan, who fish for River Monsters--these are fish that would just as soon tear your face off as look at you, and they are not in the ocean but in lakes and rivers, even shallow lakes and rivers. I always thought catfish were the most sluggish and harmless fish on the planet. Hah.

I don't want to go fishing, but I'll never swim in a river or lake again.

Additionally, Zeb Hogan seems to be afraid of fish, even non-dangerous fish. We never see him taking out the hook (both of these guys throw the fish back into the water) or even landing the fish into his boat. He might drag it up onto a beach, but again, we don't see him with his hands anywhere near the fish's mouth until it's restrained.

And after watching a cow play with a big ball out in the field I cannot eat meat of any kind.

Has CV19 changed you or your interests in unexpected ways?
Posted by cyclonefence | Fri Aug 7, 2020, 06:00 PM (3 replies)
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