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Member since: Mon Dec 5, 2016, 05:05 PM
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Taking Their Guns

I once asked my husband's wacky cousin, who never met a conspiracy theory she didn't want to marry, what the point of "false flag" operations were. Who benefited from pretending that children murdered at school weren't really dead, and why would anyone go to the trouble of pretending some liberal group was behind the non-massacre? She told me that it was to stir up public opinion against gun ownership, to grease the wheels of gun regulation down the slope of taking guns away altogether.

I said it didn't seem to be working, especially after Sandy Hook. Who could imagine a more horrible shooting crime? If that didn't make people want to ban guns altogether and lead to the repeal of the Second Amendment, what would?

Storming the Capitol would, I guess. Watching some of the whack-job videos of broken-hearted idiots, I heard "false flag" invoked more than once. Here we go again.

Happy Days are Here Again

"Truth and Reconciliation" is what we need, not "Continue the Lie and Reconciliation"

Truth: The election was fair.

Lie: The election was stolen.

Take a lesson from South Africa, republicans. "Truth" comes before "reconciliation." It doesn't work any other way, so stop urging us to move on and unite--to reconcile--until you are willing to tell the truth.

I watched that black cop being pursued by the white mob

and my heart sank with every step backward he took. Learning that he was intentionally, heroically leading that bunch of thugs away from Mike Pence and his family, that he was endangering himself to go beyond his duty, not only relieved my fears but made me so proud of him. If anyone deserves a medal and public accolades, it's this brave man.

(another) question about pardons

When the President pardons someone, does the person's name or other identification have to be specified? IOW, can Trump pardon all the rioters en masse, or must he pardon each one by name and specification of the crime committed?

Further, when he pardons Jarvanka, does he have to specify the crime(s) he is pardoning them for?

Jared and Ivanka have changed their minds

and will not be attending the inauguration.

I think all the Trumps, including Barron, should be forced to attend and to stand forming a protective circle around Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Pence.

How the P in PBS got turned backward

The PBS logo was PBS with the P a person's silhouette--the round part of the P was the round back of the head, the opening in the P an eye, and a little triangle on the straight leg as a nose.

Since 1984, though, the P has been turned backward.

Ronald Reagan objected to the little P person in PBS's looking to the left--no kidding--and requested that the face be turned so that the little P person was looking to the right.

Republicans. Sigh.

Posted by cyclonefence | Mon Jan 4, 2021, 02:16 AM (6 replies)
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