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Member since: Sat Dec 10, 2016, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 151

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Giving thanks

Hello wanted to let the truck drivers how much I appreciate them , without you guys we would be screwed,
Thank you

Karma is a bitch

Been smiling all-day ,karma is a bitch Trump

A great day for New York

I am very happy Donald Trump is leaving New York ,I just hope he takes his rats with him ,and that man doesn't pay taxes anyways no big loss for New York🇺🇸🙏🗽aka that filthy rat bastard

So are you telling me

So you are telling there were senators going to Ukraine and private lawyers to get dirt on the Bidens , how embarrassing is that to a great and powerful country ,is that making America great again,?and those who critized people who booed at the president at a baseball game so what he's a asshole 🤭

Please for God sakes impeach that turncoat

I can't understand how hard it is to do your constitutional duty,for all the stress Americans are going through start the impeachment process now ,Pelosi do your job now ,way is everyone waiting on a Matlock moment , Mueller is the Matlock moment omg

Trump the paper tiger 😂

The most weak president in US history ,I can not believe this President a total coward ,he's going to cave on every dictatorship in the world and his propaganda machine (Fox news and Twitter will spin history omg what is happening 🤔

I feel as though the election was stolen from me, bottom line!

I am upset and very angry, Hillary Clinton should be president that's it period. Republicans stoled the election I want a democratic candidate to stand up and say it, and proceed with impeachment, not cause the blow back, because the constitution demands and I demand it, we are at a moment now where we can stand up and defend the constitution, also do away with electoral college, it's harder to rig elections based on popular vote,

I am for medicaid for all

I hope this helps any candidate thats running for president that's the only way you will get my vote

I just want to say thank you for all those who voted for democrats

I am so grateful to all who voted for democrats from coast to coast. This election was so important to me and to my family. My father wasnt a very smart man he had learning disabilities. He always told me one thing, you vote and you vote for the democrats THEY ARE FOR THE WORKING MAN he always said that to me, no matter what vote. You may disagree with democrats sometimes as I do, but democrats are for the laborers, blue collar families. Thank you dems

I think we are seeing the destruction of the Republican party

I see the the whole Republican party being destroyed by Trump and Iam glad to see it
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