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Member since: Fri Dec 16, 2016, 09:57 AM
Number of posts: 127

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Arlo's classic update for Trump

OK, I got it Reade, Reade, Reade

The top posts for days have been Reade. Move on. There is no reason to bring up each rebuttal. It's garbage, move on. It will come back over and over, but it is garbage, move on. Post the new, sure, but the whole front page is Reade. Move on.

And everything old is new again

I was going to post this with out comment. I thought none was needed.

I got it Orange is the new red

From now on we want the war to be between blue and orange. And change the elephant to a shitgibbon.

Question submitted by sab390

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No, no. You can't Photoshop Trump.

Clearly the photo on the home page with Trump and Kelly is shopped to make him look over tanned and grotesque. Why? He is horrible enough as is. Oh shit, the picture is real. Never mind.

Why don't we start "fake news"

They do it, why not us. They have slimly little trolls in dark caves spewing out fake crap onto the internet, why don’t we. Put on your facebook page that there is video of Waukesha election officials switching out eproms. That there was a county election official willing to testify who has now gone missing. They have dreamed up these conspiracy theories, fake facts, pure lies, why don’t we fight fire with fire. They have the black helicopters of the UN coming to take over America, put on your twitter that Trump has mobilized the right wing militias in secret camps to take over. Dream up your own idiot theory and post it, they do. They have Sharia law to flog, we can find a lot in the Bible that they do plan to enact to put out. THEY ARE GOING TO END ALL PORK PRODUCTION IN THE USA. We have been reporting what they have done and no one is frightened. Let’s tell them lies to scare the people just like they did. Their game is misinformation, let’s beat them at it.


I have no problem with the site being funded by ads, great. But they keep pulling me away from my reply back to the top of the page. I type very slowly and it has been very frustrating. My solution has been to type out my reply in Word, cut it out and paste it in the box. If there is no solution to the ads pulling you back up to the top would you at least post my solution.
It may be a new thing I just read a similar post. It is the Center Point Energy ad.

Should I stay or should I go?

I think there should be a separation of terms. Anarchists should say they are Anarchists, Communists that they are Communists and leave the term Socialist to another group. To me the separation is in the belief in the laws of Economics. To Anarchists and Communists economics is learned behavior. Marx got this from the Anarchists. Marx replaced the first law of economics “whenever two people are present sacristy exists” with “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”. This was a direct and purposeful refutation of economics. He thought the 7 factors of production should be reduced to 4. Instead of the laws of supply and demand he wanted central planning. Communism is a specific system, Anarchism is sort of an anti-system, but there is a thing called Socialism that is separate. To me Socialists still believe that the laws of economics but hold that it produces bad effects. The founding document of Socialism to me is the Bevridge report of 1942. It puts forward a set of ideas that define the ills of the laws of economics and sets out a path to overcome them. To me Economics is a science no different from physics. You can use physics to build a bridge that works or that fails. You can use economics to build a society that works or fails. A socialist law would say if stock is such a good incentive for CEOs why not for workers. Pass a law that every worker should get at least $15 dollars and one share of stock for every hour. I am not a Socialist, I’m a Democrat but I like that law. And I am sick and tired of the media labeling anyone to the left of Ronald Reagan a Socialist. If you believe that economics is learned behavior say you’re a Communist, if not you might be a Socialist. Or worse, a Democrat like me.
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