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Profile Information

Name: Sherwood
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Nyack, NY
Home country: United States
Current location: Sofa
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 04:15 PM
Number of posts: 274

About Me

Artist, photographer, social/environmental activist and weekly Internet Radio Political Talk Show Participant. In short, a liberal trouble maker of little renown.

Journal Archives

Being Silenced on Trump? Federal Employees...don't let not so great wannabe President silence you.

Tired of the overweight bloated bully in the room Donald J. Trump trying to silence you, and or the agency you work for? Maybe you don't like him, but are afraid to speak out. There used to be a Drug War term, "Drop a Dime on him." I have nothing to lose in doing my best to call this vile demonspawn on anything, so feel free to leave stuff in my email box (dumpchumptrump@gmail.com) and I'll be more than happy to put the stuff out into the media, and online.

We must be the resistance, and I have no problems being the person stirring the pot, and in the process agitating the hell out of a man I consider less than human.
Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Wed Jan 25, 2017, 04:17 AM (4 replies)

Just a letter to Mr. Trump (Who is not my President)

The proverbial exercise in futility...my open letter to MR. Trump who is not, and never will be my president.

Dear Mr. Trump

First, my use of Mr. instead of president is DELIBERATE (emphasis added). A few facts you seem incapable of accepting in your self-absorbed narcissistic mind.

1. You lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, do not have the mandate you claim is there. Furthermore, there is absolutely ZERO PROOF (emphasis added) that there were 3-5 million illegal votes cast for Hillary Rodham Clinton (the people’s choice for President) and your desperate and pathetic stubbornness in clinging to that alternative fact makes you, quite frankly, delusional and unsafe as an elected official in charge of our Nuclear Codes.

2. The election was not a "Free and Fair" election, but instead a stolen election. You and your team, in my opinion, worked hand in hand with Russia and Director Comey of the FBI to rig the election in your favor. Sadly, those in crucial positions of power in our government decided that a peaceful transition of power that would put a self-absorbed, sexist, narcissistic madman into the White House superseded one of the Constitutional Cornerstones of our Democracy, outweighed the need for a "Free and Fair" election. So now, we are stuck with a Hitler like impostor holding the most important office in the land...yes, I am speaking of you and about you Mr. Trump.

3. The majority of Americans and 49 percent of your own base want to see your tax returns...return’s you promised to make public once your (supposed) audit was done. America expects you to keep that promise. Furthermore, you knew when you ran that getting elected would put you in violation of the terms of your lease on your Washington DC Hotel, and it is my hope and desire that our government does the right thing and voids said lease…elections have consequences, and you knew about this one.

4. It is said, that elections have consequences...we are beginning to see the horrid consequences of a stolen presidential election, are seeing the consequences of having you in the oval office. Now in office, your own actions have serious consequential repercussions, both for our Nation and for the Republican Party in the midterm elections to be held in 2018...you would be wise to heed that last truth. You are supposed to be the President of ALL THE PEOPLE, yet in your first few days in office you are taking steps, making changes that the MAJORITY of Americans find more than objectionable, and such continued actions that ignore the will of the people will result in grave consequences for both you and the Republican Party in both the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. If you think I am wrong, would suggest you go watch the news video from this past Saturday's "Women's March"....that march was not a moment, but instead a dramatic start to a MOVEMENT to seize back from you what you have wrongfully stolen.

5. GROW UP....your election is far worse than just tainted, and your lies (Alternative Facts) will not change that. Furthermore, as much as your Press Secretary may wish otherwise, your inauguration was not the most attended, most watched EVER. Do you know how embarrassing it is for Americans to watch their supposed President and his staff WHINING on National Television about something that is so obvious? Seriously, GROW UP.

Next, I would like to discuss some of the roads you seem determined to travel down in establishing policy for our (already) great nation. It is my (very slim) hope that you will actually take into consideration the thoughts of all average Americans like myself that are going to be affected by your wrong sited positions and policies.

1. Immigration Reform...studies and polls show that most Americans do not want a wall on our Southern Border with Mexico. Instead, what we want is a fair immigration system that treats Americans, and those who wish to immigrate here fairly. Too often we accuse undocumented immigrants of stealing our jobs...I would suggest instead that Corporate America is the culprit. In the name of a CHEAP LABOR FORCE (emphasis added) they have routinely hired those who are not entitled to hold jobs in our country because they can be hired on the cheap. Instead of punishing those coming to America for a better way of life, why don't we punish those Americans and American Companies who routinely ignore the law by hiring undocumented workers to save a few bucks, or to increase their company's bottom line profits. Let's make E-Verify the law of the land, and put some serious teeth in the law that would severely punish renegade companies and individuals who break the laws, circumvent the laws in the name of Cheap Labor. There is NO JOB AMERICANS WILL NOT DO (emphasis added) if that job pays the worker a FAIR LIVING WAGE (emphasis added).

2. Global Warming is not some hoax/conspiracy hatched by the Chinese government to fool the world, it is real, and must be addressed. Your desire to fast track new pipelines, your desire to eliminate EPA rules and regulations which protect human health and the environment is simply unconscionable. America should be leading the fight to address Global Warming and Climate Change, and instead you and your administration seem content to sit in the back of the bus and do absolutely nothing but watch a world in crisis. Since I know you only care about yourself, and your precious properties, here is a clue that perhaps you will listen to…if Global Climate Change is ignored, if we do nothing to abate, even reduce it, it is only a matter of time before some of your properties in New York find themselves under water.

3. I am one of the Americans who has health care because of the passage of Obama Care. I will, more than likely, be one of the first to lose access to health care under your plan to repeal and replace Obama Care. I am free to go into a car showroom and browse at a Lamborghini, have the right to purchase one, but facts are facts, and never in my life can I afford to purchase such a car…that analogy is what you and the Republicans are proposing for Health Care…the policies will be made available to us, but if we cannot afford said policies, that’s on us? Curious Mr. Trump, how can lower middleclass and lower class families living on subsistence wages afford expensive policies, and if we are struggling to pay our basic bills, where do you suggest we find money to put into a Health Savings Account?

There are many more issues I am concerned about, but I realize I am writing a man with an extremely short attention span, writing to a man who cares little if at all about anyone not in his social/wealth class, so shall close this letter with one last thought.

Most Americans oppose your agenda for America, believe your cabinet picks have not drained the swamp, but instead filled it with monsters far worse than the ones that were already there. We will oppose you at every step of the way, and will make sure that both you and Republicans hear our voices come Mid-Term elections…choose your battles wisely sir, or you will find yourself being a lame duck office holder two years into your four year term as fake “Commander in Chief”. “We the People” by an overwhelming majority chose Hillary Rodham Clinton to be our President. With the help of a foreign nation state and the director of the FBI our “Free and Fair” votes were ignored, allowing you to steal the White House, and with it the Supreme Court…this very real fact is why you are an illegitimate office holder, why you will never be my President.


Sherwood Martinelli

PS…knowing I, in your eyes, am but one of the millions of great unwashed in your eyes, shall not hold my breath for any kind of a reply, or attempt at serious dialogue.

Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Tue Jan 24, 2017, 04:56 PM (0 replies)

Open Inauguration Day Letter to Donald J. Trump

I have written an open letter to Donald J Trump to be delivered to the White House on Inauguration Day from we the resistance outlining why it is that he will never be seen as "The President" for most American citizens. Hopefully you will give it a read, and consider clicking over to the Petition and becoming a signatory.

Open Letter to Donald J. Trump on Inauguration Day...the man who will NEVER BE OUR PRESIDENT

Sign Petition

Dear Donald Trump:

Today, January 20th 2017 you are the President of these the “United States of America”, but you are not the President for most Americans, we do not see you as elected in a “Free and Fair” election, believe you cheated to put yourself into the highest office in the land, committed treason with the help of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. Most of us cannot and will not ever see you as President, do not respect you, or your agenda that has painted a target onto the backs of almost every person in what, till you took office was a great nation.

We do not fear you as a person, but fear what you are going to do while in office, and that has us loathing you and your administration with every fiber of our beings. Let’s go over some of the issues we have with you and your agenda for America.

79 Million Americans have paid into Medicare and Social Security our entire working lives, counted on and factored these social programs into our retirement plans, benefits we bought and paid for, and hearing that you are now willing to break your “Campaign Promise” to preserve these programs, are willing to give the GOP controlled congress free rein to eliminate them is simply unacceptable. We are not asking for a handout, but demanding that we receive benefits that we have already paid for during our entire working careers. Taking those benefits away, or reducing them is equivalent to robbery, and we are not going to allow you and a Republican Congress to steal from us what we have already paid for…just because you got away with fraud with your Trump University, does not mean you get to screw millions of Americans in the same fashion.
Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Fri Dec 30, 2016, 02:36 PM (1 replies)

Spectra Energy's Algonquin Pipeline 200 Feet from Failing Indian Point Nuclear Reactors Bad Idea

If there is a nuclear incident similar to Fukushima, the Nuclear Industry liability is limited to just $12 Billion dollars. Further, the Price Anderson Act makes it impossible impossible for property owners to get Nuclear Accident Insurance. Current costs of the Fukushima Reactor Meltdown have exceeded $192 Billion dollars. Imagine such an accident occurring at Entergy's unsafe, aging and dilapidated Indian Point Reactors located just 24 miles up the Hudson River from Manhattan. It is a frightening scenario far more likely than the NRC and NEI are willing to admit to publicly.

Now imagine another Federal Agency in FERC approving the Algonquin High Pressure Pipeline extension in a fashion that will allow this project to be located in/under the Hudson River less than 200 feet from these reactors. It is a recipe for a disaster of biblical proportions that threatens tens of millions of American Citizens.

Spectra Energy's Algonquin Pipeline Expansion is Just a BAD IDEA

Biblical Disaster Waiting to Happen
What are they thinking? There are just some ideas that are just wrong, regardless of how you look at them, and Spectra Energy's expansion of the Algonquin Pipeline which when completed will be less than two hundred feet from the failing Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, buried under the Hudson River is just such a bad idea. Actually, it is far worse than a bad idea, it is asking for a Double Whammy disaster of Biblical Proportions, that will cost hundreds of thousands, even millions of injured or dead people, and create damages running into the hundreds of Billions of dollars...even scarier, because Federal Law exempts Nuclear Power Plants from carrying adequate accident insurance, while at the same time denying citizens having nuclear accident insurance which would mean hundreds of thousands of people could lose their most valuable asset, their homes with no legal recourse.
Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Wed Dec 21, 2016, 02:48 PM (8 replies)

Trump You Are President Elect of America, Not President Of The People

It's official, Donald J Trump received enough rubber-stamped votes in the Electoral College today to overturn the "Will of The People" and is now President Elect, but he is not, and never will be the People's President. We reject him. My open letter to him:

Trump You Are President Elect of America, Not President Of The People

Dear Donald J Trump:

Today it became official, you are the President of America. However, we at this moment in history are not the United States of America, and you are not the President of the people. Most of us hate you, despise you, don't trust you, or are just flat out scared to death of what your Presidency is going to do to the people you are supposed to serve. The very concept of you serving anyone or anything other than Donald J Trump and his interests would be laughable if it were not so scarily laughable. You have spent your entire life thinking everything is all about the Donald, and you have spent your entire life stooping to any level in your quest to feed your own ego.

Your zealots masquerading as pundits on various and assorted manipulated news channels tell us we must accept your presidency, must get over our anger and unite behind you and your agenda for America...that is not going to happen. Most civilized human beings here and around the world find everything about you repugnant, find that your views on the most important issues of our time run contrary to our beliefs. You are perceived to be the Modern Day reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, your cabinet choices a rebirth of the Third Reich on steroids. Under your leadership, World War III is no longer something we guard against, but a likely probability. You in your four years will more than likely lead America into War, destroy our standing in the world for decades to come, and possible set Global Climate Change on a course that will lead to Earth becoming just another dead planet flying through the cosmos devoid of all life.

Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Tue Dec 20, 2016, 12:11 AM (5 replies)

Do We Continue to Whine, or Do We March?

I am just as devastated by the results of this election as everyone else, am saddened at what America could become under the fascist leadership of Donald J President. Sleep since November 8th has been fitful at best as I watch the Orange Menace self implode right before the eyes of his cheering minions...SCARY TIMES.

That said, at some point we have to pick ourselves up, dust off our bottoms and get down to work. This though saw me this morning realize, that "We the People" can take the spotlight off of Donald J. Trump on election day with a 50 State "Day of Mourning" Protest, millions of Americans taking to the streets all dressed in black who share one big hashtag, #notmypresident. I laid out in my blog the idea. If you are ready to get back in the race, hope you will give it a read here.


We The People Can OWN Trump's Inauguration Day!

Sometimes, to make things happen, you just have to THROW IT OUT THERE, and let Social Media take it viral, "We The People" as one connected community saying, "Let's DO THIS". So with this post, throwing my idea out there onto the World Wide Web hoping that individuals, groups and organizations all come together to breath a dream into reality on Inauguration Day.

The Concept...Inauguration "Day of Mourning" Protest across all 50 United States as we take the attention off of Donald J. Trump and instead shine the spotlight on "We The People" who will be most affected by his administration.

1. Make a protest sign and dress ALL IN BLACK.
2. Show up at one of the below SUGGESTED LOCATIONS, or become a leader and organize a group and location in your town or city. Proposed starting time is 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.
3. PEACEFULLY start walking/marching IN SILENCE...this is a Mourning Protest, so lets make it a silent National Vigil, a mass of humanity all in black marching in protest, our signs delivering our message to the Media.
4. Swamp Social Media...bring your Cell Phones, live Tweet, upload pictures and/or video from your march in REAL TIME.

The Vibe of Protest

Think a New Orleans French Quarter funeral protection! Bring your instruments, dance, sing appropriate songs, and celebrate what makes America Great..."WE THE PEOPLE"
Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 01:03 PM (15 replies)

Needing "New Election" Petition Love

Hello Everyone:

New to Democratic Underground as of yesterday, but not new to politics, or activist efforts. Have a Petition over on Change.Org that just went over 2000 Signatures this morning...would love to see it hit 2500 by this evening. So, though it is a VERY LONG SHOT, if you are someone that believes the Russian Interference in what is supposed to be our "Free and Fair" is enough reason to have new elections, please take a minute or two to run over and sign the Petition. Petition Link

Thank You

Voice of Reason-Sherwood
Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Sun Dec 18, 2016, 11:20 AM (0 replies)

America, We Had a Good Run...

Below is an excerpt from a blog article written last night which explores the sense of hopelessness that many of us are feeling as we stare down the barrel of the Electoral College Vote on Monday which will more than likely see Donald J. Trump officially become our next President of the United States. You can read my full article here.


Like many Americans, I was vested in this past Presidential Election, was looking forward to the progress we would make with a Democratic Senate, Hillary Clinton in the White House, and for the first time in 42 years, a Supreme Court where liberal progressive thinkers were in the majority on the bench. On November 8th I woke up early, had my morning coffee then walked up the street and around the corner to our local library to cast my vote...Straight Blue Ticket from top to bottom, and then went for a walk on a beautiful sunny day with my camera, my step light, not a care on the horizon as I strolled along the Hudson River.

When dusk arrived, evening darkness settling in ordered in food and got myself settled on the sofa ready to watch the returns coming in, a bottle of Champagne in the refrigerator ready to be uncorked when the News made it official that for the first time ever Americans could say, "Congratulations Madam President". The bottle of champagne still takes up space in my frig, the cork never popped, the celebration replaced by a deep sadness as the reality that Donald J. Trump had won the Electoral College votes necessary to be our next President tried to sink in.

Some six weeks later, the reality is far worse than any of us thought it could ever be, the man now President Elect far worse than the monster we had seen out on the Campaign Trail. Some have moved on, accepted what will be, returned to their daily lives, struggling to pay their bills realizing that for them not much has changed, or will change with the changing of the guard in Washington, DC. Myself...I am having a hard time accepting the unacceptable, frustrated that our Government is far more concerned with a "Peaceful Transition of Power" than addressing what was not, is not a "Free and Fair" election, as even those in our own party seem to be complicit in the betrayal of us. Where is the backbone of our party, their will to fight and take a stand?

Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Sat Dec 17, 2016, 11:45 PM (22 replies)

Introducing Myself

Hello Everyone

A long time activist here, primarily in the environmental movement specializing in issues involving the nuclear industry, and recently wading into Pipeline issues...we have a high pressure pipeline being buried in the Hudson River less than 200 feet from problem plagued Indian Point.

Have been active (especially on Twitter) in the Presidential Election, and "Am Still With Her". If you want my opinion on the election, and Donald J Trump, I recommend this article on my Blog. Let's just say I am still in shock, and sadden that our Government seems to be OK with letting Russia hack our elections, and fine with letting Donald J Trump get away with Treason.

I do a weekly political/social issues talk show on Rockland World Radio here in Rockland County NY. My passion in life (or one of them) is photography, and you can see some of my work here.

Look forward to interacting with everyone.
Posted by The_Voice_of_Reason | Sat Dec 17, 2016, 11:34 PM (1 replies)
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