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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 13,070

Journal Archives

The Speaker needs to show some backbone n get this rep straightened out

She is talking sedition n there are penalties for such actions. 18 USC Ch. 115

This is the most memorable President's Day I can remember

I knew what the day was n why we have it but mattress sales n other such stuff seemed to drown it out. Before a year ago this week, I never knew or really cared much about Ukraine. Never been there n donít know anyone who is. But..Iíve learned a lot this year n I know this..I have unmeasurable admiration for the people n their leaders. I have become an outspoken supporter with my words n my donations. Todayís Presidentís Day with my President making the most unbelievable trip to show solidarity, just is emotional n Iím full of pride. Iíll always remember what President Ďs Day is from now on.

Happy Valentines Day to all you sweet DU Friends ❤️❤️

Thank you for thinking of me with your hearts as Iím very appreciative of them and I had fun giving away mine to you. I love the concept of Valentines n the charity we help by having a good time doing it. Thanks for all you do 🙏

Thank you for posting this.. I had not heard it

Only Ms Raitt could give it the heart felt emotion this song deserves. Itís just so well done

I made the best decision today..out n about on a beautiful day running errands

And I passed a church doing a charity car wash. I figured mine could use it so I pulled in n the man at the front taking money had an accent I didnít recognize around here. He told me the car wash for for a member of the church going to someplace I couldnít make out. I thought..itís charity so I pulled up and there were about 4-5 young men about 18-24 and then a couple more a little older and 4-5 that were maybe 8-10 years old. I looked at one guy who was standing getting ready for my car when I saw his tattoo under his forearm..a great big beautiful crest of Ukraine! I got my camera out and pointed to his arm n he looked surprised n then I showed him my photo a DU sent with the same crest that I had copied n he said ďUkraine! You know!Ē I said yes, and then another guy showed me his Ukraine tattoo! I donít know what this charity car wash was for real but I like to think I made a good decision and drove around to the entrance and gave another donation b/c after all, they did a good job! I left feeling like I made a good choice today 🇺🇦

Tomorrow is my last eye check up for my cataract surgeries

My right eye was done 2weeks ago n my left eye last Monday. Thanks god for Medicare..Original/actual Medicare as my financial responsibilities were just under 300$. Of course, they have different options but I chose the basic option and Iím just fine. If I had a job with very detailed work or if I was a professional golfer, Iíd have options for that. I wore contacts for about 30 years n just relied on them n just didnít realize how bad my cataracts had become. It was very easy n painless but the preparation was not fun. I had to give up my contacts for 3 weeks so my cheaters n a magnifying glass was the only way I could read and lots of eye drops to moisturize my eyes...before n after surgeries. Some lifting restrictions n basic common sense for caring for the eyes..no soap n water or rubbing the eyes..thatís kind of stuff. I can see like I did when I was young..clean n clean letters n objects..wonderful! If youíre putting off having this done..donít. Itís the best thing Iíve done for myself in a long time..a Christmas miracle ! Take care of your eyes..we only get one set of em. 🙋‍♀️

Merry Christmas 🎄 just after midnight n the pyromaniacs are at it

My kitty, Ruby, is by my side n for those who know me.. I donít know how to transfer sites as Iím on an old iPad but. Youtubeoholynightjenniferhudson is what I put in n Iím not a religious person, usually, but.. being Christmas, I do get tender hearted with a few things. This one is just one of the best Iíve heard. I hope you can forgive my lack of tech but itís worth a look. Merry Christmas my DU Friends

Just now watching All In

First time Iíve seen n heard the Big Announcement. Iím slow to this, I get it as Ive seen bits n pieces here. Iím actually jaw dropped. Shocked. Could this be real?

Too much work.. he'd never agree.. my question.. why does this idea keep coming up?

For my cat lovers DU Friends

After my Angie passed, I went to the shelter and picked a sleeping kitty I named Ruby. She was a bigger and younger kitty and now at about 4 years old, Iím about to have a series of eye surgeries n Iím off to the vet tomorrow and thinking of asking her to re home Ruby. I do not want to go back to the shelter.. I know what happens. Sheís the sweetest cat but I fear that Iím not making her happy..I live in a condo n she does not get enough stimulation with other people or space. Iím in pain about doing this.. I love her but I donít think Iím giving her what she needs to be a happy cat.what is the best option for her w/o being selfish? I donít want to make an emotional decision only whatís right for her.
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