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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 01:08 AM
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How about a -real- buyback. Mandatory, say $10,000 per AR-15

Make it a carrot and stick.

$10,000 cash, tax free per weapon if you turn it in.
If caught with it, 10 years in jail.

While this would be expensive, this would be a MASSIVE economic boost and solve the gun problem at the same time.

Those kinda of numbers - would get the gunners attention and cooperation (for the most part)

Why is hunting so sacred?

I keep seeing folks say "you don't need an ar-15" to hunt etc.

So what? Who gives a shit about hunting? We have groceries stores on every corner. NO ONE, literally no one relies on hunting to live now.

So lets skip that, and ban them *ALL*. Hunting files, 6 shooters, machine guns, everything. I'll even compromise and for every gun that is turned in, get a coupon for a free crossbow, for the idiots who insist they must hunt.

Allowing people to have weapons & arms such as bows, knives, crossbows...that honors the second amendment, so there is no confusion there.

We already have a minimum age for buying guns at 18/21. Lets raise it to 35.

We know it's constitutional to have a gun age limit of 21. So let's lever that to 35.

That would eliminate lots of school shootings by kids, not to mention that most gun crime is committed by folks under 35.

We could have some sort of procedure, where guns inherited or gifted to those under 35, go into a Trust which is released only upon age 35, or by order of the President for a national emergency (i.e. invasions, civil war etc)

This would honor the 2nd amendment and save lives.

Got my new paycheck today with new withholding.

My withholding went to $399.26 (weekly) from $466.50 . (paid weekly)

What a pittance. I get a whole $67, while billionaires get millions.

Thanks for the crumbs!

A thought - Prepay state and local income taxes now while you can

In December and you can write them off in 2017.

Just occurred to me. Since any State and Local gets deducted this year, but not next, there is an an opportunity.

If you send in an estimated payment for 2017, an extra large one....you'll get it refunded back in ~April (or not owe as much). However you can deduct it all in 2017.

The refund/reduction in April would normally offset the benefit for 2018, but since 2018 won't allow for state/local deductions, it won't be nullified as usual.

This should also apply for prepaying property taxes if they would normally exceed $10k. Pay them now and get them deducted before the limits set in.

This might be the only way for middle-class to actually benefit from this bill.

So what is the hold up on impeachment?

It's nearly June and it's still just talk. At this rate he's gonna destroy the country before there's even a vote!

I would like to see our leaders demanding impeachment now and twisting arms to get it on the vote schedule.

I was sure after the election, that he wouldn't make it a year, now - I'm not so sure.

All this talk about a tax holiday to entice companies to bring back money sickens me.

That money should have never been accumulated tax free overseas in the first place.

Why don't we just pass a law that outlaws it?

Give company 12 months to bring back all the money overseas (and pay tax on it), or the company is forfeit to the US government. (or dissolved or penalized severely, or pick your favorite method)

These are companies that are morally wrong. Given them a break on their transgression is equally wrong.

100 days down. 6.8% behind us

1360 days to go, or ~93.1% left of his term. Man - I'm going to need all the help I can get it.

This must be what doing a long prison stretch feels like.

But I know I can.

Democratic Dream Team Needed

In 2020 we need to put our dream team on the roster. We need to go ALL-IN on our best and greatest.

President - Hillary Clinton
Vice President Al Gore

Then make a pact with the American people that if we win the senate, Bernie Sanders be placed as Senate President
If we win the house - Chelsey CLinton will be House Majority leader (she'll need to run of course, but she would win)

Finally - Promise that the next two supreme court justices will be Barack Obama, followed by Merrick Garland. If get a third opening (John Kerry)

This would be the greatest roster since the founding fathers, would correct at least 3 wrongs, and put one future great leader in play, and keep our greatest leader in play for the rest of his life.

This, my friends, is doable, and out would the death knell on the Republican party for a generation.

As far as I'm concerned Obama is still President

Our leader in exile.

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